14 One Chance Robbers & Pickpockets Arrested In Ajegunle Lagos, 2 Buses Recovered

one chance robbers ajegunle lagos

May 4, 2016 – Photo: One Chance Robbery & Pickpocket Gang Members Arrested In Ajegunle Lagos, 2 Buses Recovered

7 members of a notorious pickpocket and one-chance robbery gang have been arrested by the operatives of Lagos State Rapid Response Squad.

The suspects identified as 24-year-old Wasiu Kazeem, 23-year-old Samson Uwaneze, 30-year-old Kenneth Okojie, 24-year-old Chinedu Uzubi, 26-year-old Ajakaiye Christopher, 23-year-old Oyemi Ilesanmi, 17-year-old Habib Nurudeen, 36-year-old Stanley Augustine, 36-year-old Lucky Thompson, 29-year-old Olayinka Tadius, 25-year-old Ubah Kenneth, 48-year-old Henry Ate, 42-year-old Akeem Fatai and 24-year-old Jerry Nwokoro were arrested in Ajegunle Lagos today as RRS operatives recovered the two 14-seater buses the hoodlums used for their operations along the Oshodi Apapa Expressway.

12 thoughts on “14 One Chance Robbers & Pickpockets Arrested In Ajegunle Lagos, 2 Buses Recovered

  1. See faces like monkey u guys are the ones who snatched my late mother’s bag in Ajegunle. May u never have peace

  2. Yeye dey smell. Look how all of them are looking like blood sucking demons. I hope they dealt with in that cell. Fools

  3. Only God knows the magnitudes of misery and pains they had subjected their victims to in their operations.

    My problem with the Nigeria is that they are too soft on all this criminals. Instead of slaming them 70-90yrs jail term so that by the time they are released they would have become grandfathers, they will know that the World did not wait for them, but NO!

    The highest they will do to them after this is to give them some strokes of the cane on their buttocks and set them free. Rubbish!

  4. This is a complete outfit. The 17 year old is the apprentice; the forty something year old are somewhat old and cannot run fast so they are the babalawo for the team. The rest are the active terrors robbing innocent citizens.

    All of them able bodied men opting for life of crime instead of earning honest living. I pray they will get maximum punishment for each count they are charged and that their sentence will be such that they are put away from society for many years. Low life scums. Mchweeeeeeeew!!!

  5. What a pity !
    see the way they have out their family into shame ….
    the black goat of the family

  6. Laziness is a diseases, look at elegant young boys doing robbery and pickpockets, is it a trade for livelihood nawaho o. You gays should riot in jail.

    While serving your jail term, repent and turn away from robbery lifestyle.

  7. Gradually change is happening era of impunity is coming to an end. off to Jail with HARD labour! good job NPF.

  8. Thank God the house have passed the law that death penalty shall be the punishment for kidnapping in Nigeria. The one chance operators is same as kidnapping. They literally lure you into their bus/van and drive to somewhere remote to rub you. Sometimes they kill you after collecting all your valuables. Same punishment should be passed on these miscreants. For the first time the Nigeria senate and house have done something good other than fighting for their own pockets.

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