Nigerian Troops Overpower Boko Haram Inside Sambisa Forest After Machine Gun Attack

nigerian army boko haram sambisa forest

May 5, 2016 – Boko Haram Terrorists Who Attacked Nigerian Soldiers With 5 Machine Guns Inside Sambisa Forest Overpowered

Nigerian Troops Overpower Boko Haram Terrorists Inside Sambisa Forest After Fierce Machine Gun Attack

The final operation to subdue Boko Haram is currently ongoing inside Sambisa forest.

The Nigerian troops came under intense attack yesterday as the terrorists mounted 5 machines guns inside five Toyota Hilux vehicles and fired along with 81mm mortar.

The vigilant troops repelled the attack and pursued after the terrorists who fled in disarray towards the river line of Izza-Mainyakare axis.

According to the Nigerian army spokesman, the battle lasted for 40 minutes with no casualty on our troops.

An unconfirmed number of terrorists were killed while fleeing from Sambisa forest yesterday.

See some photos from the final clearance operation tagged “OPERATION CRACKDOWN”

6 thoughts on “Nigerian Troops Overpower Boko Haram Inside Sambisa Forest After Machine Gun Attack

  1. Wow, weldone my gallant soliders. Thank God no casualties on your side……and book haram will be history soon.

  2. Good job and thank God that was no casualty on our brave troops but any sign of #chibokgirls inside sambisa forest?

  3. With this dry season weather and the burning of the hamlets during combat is there forest still left in Sambisa? I pray that operation successfully and speedily winds up so the people in that area and their Eco-system recover.

    God Bless our brave soldiers.

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