2 Billion Babies ‘ll Be Born In Africa By 2050, Nigeria ‘ll Have D Highest Birth Rate – UNICEF

2 billion babies africa 2050

August 12, 2014 – 2 Billion Babies ‘ll Be Born In Africa By 2050, Nigeria ‘ll Have D Highest Birth Rate – UNICEF

In the next 35 years, Africa will become the largest continent in the world with an estimated birth of 2 billion children as the continent’s birth rates continue to rise rapidly.

High fertility rates coupled with a rise in the number of women of child-bearing age will see two billion babies born in the region by 2050, UNICEF said in a report.

“Based on current trends, within 35 years, 25 in 100 people will be African,” according to the report released in Johannesburg.

By then 40 percent of the world’s children aged under five years will come from the continent.

Nigeria, the region’s most populous country, will account for 10 per cent of global births by 2050.

Africa’s 1.2 billion people will double in size between 2015 and the middle of the century, and reach 4.2 billion by 2100.

The growth spike means more overcrowding, and population density is set to have jumped tenfold to 80 people per square kilometre over the century up to 2050 — still far lower than current figures in Asia.

By the late 2030s most of the continent’s people will live in cities.

But children still struggle to survive in Africa, which accounts for more than half the number of global child deaths.

One in every 11 children dies before reaching the age of five.

Three in 10 African minors live in “fragile and conflict-affected contexts”, said UNICEF, urging governments to invest more in their children.

7 thoughts on “2 Billion Babies ‘ll Be Born In Africa By 2050, Nigeria ‘ll Have D Highest Birth Rate – UNICEF

  1. This report is damaging to Africa procreation and no progress is a big failure. It is time we wake up

  2. our problem in Nigeria is that couple have to much s** if they can go on abstinence, our problem will be solved that is why am not married

  3. This is the new world propaganda scheme to create fear in order to reduce the population of the universe. All bullshit, don,t listen Africans. Our parents used to delivered children until they could no more but that is not the case today where women think about empowerment first before procreation.

  4. Bezo,l support you based on your own method of reasoning. The problem is that most of young girls of nawa days use to have sex more than the couples while they’re still single. So, why shouldn’t we have the highest birthrate? I strongly believe that only nigeria will produce 1.5billion children before 2030,let them not take it to 2050. Now it’s difficult to identify who is married and who’s not married among ladies of this days. Married ones are flirting,and unmarried ones are also flirting. Then,who’ll control each other,where some fathers are sleeping with their daughters and some big madam are sleeping with their gateman and conceiving here and there. That 2billion is very small,compare to what’s happening among our girls this days. The only remady is this ebola virus,because everybody will afraid of each other, thereby creating abstinency from sex.

    • guy I dey feel you die……… na true yahn…….hole day our youths are just fucking……………. haba na wa o

  5. ha to much fucking, fot this africa ha na wa o…. if the girls luck finish them go say God say make them no do abortion….

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