2 Fulani Herdsmen Sentenced To Death By Hanging In Okene Kogi State

fulani herdsmen sentenced to death kogi state

May 5, 2017 – 2 Fulani Herdsmen Sentenced To Death By Hanging In Okene Kogi State

2 members of a notorious interstate cattle rustling syndicate, Muhammed Laal Jauro and Yusuf Sanni have been sentenced to death by hanging by the Kogi State High Court sitting in Okene.

The two convicts were charged before Hon. Justice Josiah Majebi, on four counts charges, including criminal conspiracy to commit armed robbery, criminal conspiracy to commit criminal homicide and culpable homicide, all of which contravened sections of Penal Code.

Justice Majebi Thursday found the cattle rustlers guilty of all the charges despite pleading not guilty to the charges.

The prosecutor witness had told the court that sometime in January 2006, one Dauda Abdullahi made a report of the gruesome murder and theft of the cows of one Haruna in one of the farm centers in Okene.

He told the court that upon further investigation, the accused persons were arrested at Ajase-Ikpo in Kwara State while their leader, Awaijo Wetti, was still at large as at the time of the prosecution.

He said that the convicts admitted committing the offences together with the said leader when they narrated how they grouped and subsequently macheted their victim to death in his farm, and eventually stole his cows which they took to Ajase-Ikpo before they were apprehended.

The first accused person, Muhammed Lawal Jauro’s confessional statement which was corroborated by the second, Yusuf Sanni, was relied upon by the court to arrive at its verdict. They both stated how they and their other gang members conspired to commit the crime in December 2015.

Jauro in his confessional statement said: “Sometime in the month of December 2015, one of my friends by name Yusuf living at Kabba junction Zariagi called me on phone and said there are some cows belonging to one Haruna at the bush of Okene, that we should go and steal the cows.

After that, our leader by name Agwaijo Wetti living at Tyre village along Okene-Auchi road asked us to meet at the bush of Okene which we did. It was there myself, Yusuf, Ado and our leader, Agwaijo Wetti gathered us and led us and all of us were holding cutlasses and we met the owner of the cow rearing his cow and all of us macheted him with cutlasses until he died before three of us took control of the cows to Ajase-Ipo in Kwara state”.

In his judgement, Justice Majebi declared that the confessions of the accused persons were weighty and admissible in determining the case against them.

“The confessions of the respective accused persons are graphic, direct and the accused persons stated that after killing the deceased Haruna, they went with his cows to Ajase-Ikpo where they were arrested and the cows were recovered in the bush where they kept them”, Justice Mehabi declared.

The court held that the denial of their guilt before the court could not be substantiated because, “the admission of the commission of the said offence by the accused persons in their respective statements is clear, specific and unambiguous.”

Justice Majebi held that the prosecution satisfactorily established that the death of the deceased was caused by the convicts as there was “a nexus between the acts of the accused persons and the death of the deceased”.

Thereafter, the court sentenced them to 28 years each on the first three count charges and sentenced them to death by hanging on the fourth charge of culpable homicide

“By the said pieces of evidence, I hold the prosecution has satisfactorily established the death of the deceased and that same was caused by the accused persons. I hold that the prosecution has proved all the ingredients of each of the heads of charge against the accused persons thereby raising presumption of guilt against them in respect of all the heads of charge.

“It will amount to flying in the face of the evidence before the court to believe the story of the accused persons that they have no knowledge of the commission of the offences and the exhibits tendered except their handsets.

To believe same is to believe the holiness of a Bishop hanging a talisman on his neck, ” Said Justice Majebi while pronouncing the court’s verdict.

6 thoughts on “2 Fulani Herdsmen Sentenced To Death By Hanging In Okene Kogi State

  1. Best news so far this year and also heard bebue house passed a bill blocking cattle grazing in the state..north central is finally awake..ekiti fired the salvo,akwaibom will import cattle from abroad..imagine they even steal cattle and sell to innocent buyers..lord lugard..your unholy aliiance and fake marriage isnt working..good move here…more to come

  2. A JUDGEMENT LONG awaited on all fulani herdsmen.

    Come to think of it, a corpse of a man matcheted to death by four greedy matchet-weilding fulanis would not be a sight to behold at all.

    Those fulani people are demons among men and don‘t deserved mercy and kindness. They are so wicked that at some point, even the devil itself is getting an idea from their form of wickedness and cruelty.

    May God punish especially fulani-muslims in enternal lake of fire cos‘ thats where they rightly belong and deserved to be. Dirty smelling looking animals.

    I take a stroll….

  3. @mbok. I do not agree with your statement. Whether PMB is frail or in good health should not serve as impediment to the court’s mandate in sentencing to death whoever is found guilty of committing murder. I do not think the president himself will be bold enough to back up any fulani Herds men that commit any atrocity neither is he barring any judge from performing their judicial responsibility in the court that is prescribed by the law. However, Kogi State high court should be highly commended for Standing up to justice. It takes courage to pass such a judgement at a time when Fulani Herds men in Nigeria erroneously believe they can kill,maim,rape and violently evict villagers from their home in the name of ( ‘the president is our brother, no one can dare us’). This ruling by Kogi State high court will go a very long way in curbing the Fulani Herds men menace in their land. Good judgement no doubt and a warning lesson to others.

  4. great news so far for me am seek and tired of Fulani herds men mess leaving their place for a long distance to come and destroy our farm and kill us for noting seek congratulation to chief judge it is very inciting news for the year,last week Benue state house of assembly pass a bill to stop cattle grazing in the state i believe my people are begins to feel the pains of their lost ones,Kogi state high court we go very long way for curbing the fulani herdsmen out the state.

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