Mercy Aigbe Planning To Get Husband Jailed, She Is A Wicked Liar- Family Insider

mercy aigbe husband jailed

May 5, 2017 – Mercy Aigbe Is Tired Of Marriage & Wants To Move On From Her Husband By Force – Family Insider

Mercy Aigbe Is A Wicked Liar, She Is Planning To Send Her Husband To Jail- Family Insider

No matter how hard we try, we still can’t get over the fact that one of Nigeria’s most loved actresses is in a mess that is getting messier by the minute. Mercy Aigbe’s marriage crisis is becoming a scandal day by day.

Before the sad news of the crisis in her life, Mercy’s life had been cozy in its own little way at least to the outside world.

A doting husband, a blooming business, a big career, beautiful children, fame and beauty; she seemed to be the perfect woman with all the package.

Until the photo that now keeps haunting us!

Sources who are very close to the family have sworn that there is more to the issue than what the media is being fed.

An anonymous source revealed also that “Mercy is just tired of the married life and wants to move on”

mercy aigbe is tired of her marriage

However, we find it hard to believe that Mercy Aigbe would be dumping the Gentry name just to be free. A name that has been her umbrella for seven years and given her the respect a woman craves. The name that has also sheltered her older daughter Michelle!

The truth is, it is no longer just a mess, it is a very ugly mess! Is Mercy willing to sacrifice her career for whatever cause she is fighting for?

According to our source, “Mercy is making a great mistake. Uncle Larry has enough evidences to destroy her career…” Its saddening that people who once swore to love and cherish could also become sworn enemies…spilling secrets they once shielded with their lives!

Lanre Gentry has said the actress is mentally unstable: a fact or a farce?

Mercy Aigbe has not posted in over 24 hours! A sacrilege!

The police seem to be after Lanre Gentry…will this ever be OK for Mercy?

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17 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe Planning To Get Husband Jailed, She Is A Wicked Liar- Family Insider

  1. Like I said, most if these Nolly happening babes can’t stay under the roof of a man. They want to be free like a bird. They want to eat thier cake and still have it, they want a flamboyant life style. That’s her life ooooo.

    • so because they cant stay under the roof of a man, they should die under the roof of a man. Dat one na talk? Abeg who de dia? bring vanguard newspaper make i read .

    • Fifelomo , did you see the pictures in which she was battered? This is how many women died in Nigeria of donestic violence because of the brutal reaction they will receive from the public. She may be a jack which I don’t know and I don’t really care but what I am concern about and should be the real concern here is the way the enstranged husband beat her to the extent that she was still coughing blood after a week is what should bother you.
      How do you people reason in Nigeria. Please put yourself in her position would you like to be beaten like that even if you are the you claim the glamour Nollywood ladies are?

  2. Honestly,the source is absolutely right. The way everything played out it shows that truly Mercy was tired of being under a man,and all she wanted was to have a free and loose lifestyle where when she goes out,she gets back at her own will without any man asking her why she came in late or where she is coming from.She was looking for an escape root from marriage,and unfortunately Mr. Gentry played into her hands. One could see from the man’s reaction that he is dazed and surprised about how everything played out.Mr.Gentry should be advised to put everything about Mercy behind him and move on with his life. He shouldn’t see himself like a bad or wicked man the same way Mercy is trying to portray him.He has not done anything so bad.Your husband asked for food and you were giving him excuses. The same man that deposited so much money to get her befitting car.Hope the Mr.Gentry is taking good care of his parents and family? before going to deposit huge sum of money to buy a car for his “wife”.

  3. Why is that two love Bird turn to be enemy? Mercy Pls whatever it is let it go. Think of the first day you guys met and where you guys started from. He has shown you love, caring, and a lovely boy came out of that union. For the sake of that boy pls unite with your husband and put the devil to Shame. Thanks

  4. Mercy you could be seperated to settle your differences but divioce is not an option please.

    Consider and Reconcile.

  5. Her noise proclaiming her love for “her”Mr.Lanre Gentry don end just like that? fake love, wey she no allow people rest.Love for mouth,yeye dey her body.She don chop the man finish dump am for any woman that is interested.Na women dey dump men now o.

  6. Uncle Larry,

    I wish I know you in person. I would have made sure I help to remove your mind from that lady.

    For now, she thinks she is marketable. Don’t worry, by the time she starts clocking 50, she will understand loneliness. Am talking from experience and I do not wish any woman to pass though this kind of mess. I sometimes wonder what would provoke a man to the extent of beating his wife if the wife is not as stubborn as the husband.

    Whether we like it or not, the husband is the head of the house and no woman has the right to threat him like trash. Just leave her let her go, she is yet to understand the worldly men. Just don’t fight it, Uncle Larry. You men out there like beautiful and light skinned women that feel they are hot cakes. Go for gentle and dark skinned girls, they do not have black hearts but golden hearts, that is where you guys make the mistake. Bullshit all these oyinbo girls and go for responsible babes.

  7. Mercy run run run far away man that beat you like that,in name of love, marriage and what public will say,go back,if you want to die young.i dont care what she do, you cant beat human being like that,not to say husband and wife,abeg that not love.

  8. I have been very objective all along, but how can a human being, especially a woman or a mother, stand behind a man who beat a woman to the extent that she is bleeding? Is he an animal to do that to his wife? Forget about Nollywood or celebrity status. Mercy is a human being first, someone’s daughter, sister and a mother to her two lovely children. Would you pray for your own daughter, sister or mother to be beaten (for whatever reason) by a husband or boyfriend? God does not like ugly. As a mother of two beautiful daughters and happily single, I do not pray for my daughters to ever be in an abusive relationship. No man ever beat me up (he will die in jail)! From when my daughters were young, I told them if a man hits you the first time and apologizes, forgive. If it happens a second time, pack your stuff and leave, or leave your stuff behind and run for dear life, and never return. Wife battery is an illness. Men who beat their wives often come from homes where they saw their fathers beating up their mothers. Hurting someone is NOT love. If you are a man beating up your wife, go get treatment. Nobody has to die in a marriage. She needs her life and her children need their mother. So, as for those supporting Lanre (of which I initially was one of them), go give your daughters or sisters to marry him. He is available now. Move on with your life, Mercy dear. We all met in this world and we shall part in this world. Nobody was joined in heaven. Best wishes.

  9. In response to MAX SAYS: Did he or she use the phrase’..played into her hands’? Is battering a woman playing into her hands? Wow ! .Only God knows how many women have been maimed and killed because their husbands were ‘playing into their hands’. A celebrity has decided to leave an abusive man and we are all listening to the man-of course he must use the same damaging phrase that emasculated men have used for centuries to disgrace women ‘sleeping around’ because you can not prove it but it is still damaging all the same. Remember Mumma Gee, Tiwa, Ini Edo,Funke Akindele’s husband would have used it but the support for her was much and he soft pedaled. We will see how this sage will play out.

  10. Shut up
    All of u
    Mercy na benin gal
    Na so benim women be
    Anyone can Fuc them
    As long as u af money.
    She used him to enrich herself.
    Guy man shud forgef abt her useless pusi
    And move on.
    Remarry a dark skinned chocolate or cream complexion
    And be happiest
    Love os reciprocal.
    U put in too much in her
    Expecting much frm her
    Jus leave her alone.
    I beat up my ex of 5years cos she liked to party
    Go out
    Pick other ppls call
    Fuc out
    Till date she is still miserable
    W3 tend to get carried away by dia pussy
    Its nothing but some smellin shiiit
    If sh no love u bac
    I can’t force hee to
    If u like buy her a spsce jet
    Ungrateful bastards are never satisfied
    Naija women are a complete waste of time.
    Benin women are Dogs
    They fuc out a lot

  11. Waste of time, you are completely correct but, a few of them (Benin women) are sane and don’t fuck around. I should say about 35% of them are decent. Mercy was married to an Ibo man from Anambra. That marriage ended because according to her the mother in-law did not like her because she is from another tribe. That excuse I do not buy. An Ibo man/woman can find love anywhere. The intermarriages between Ibos and other tribes in Nigeria can bear testimony to this. From my own community alone, a lot of our men marry from Yoruba tribe and a host of others marry from our neighbors in the East (Rivers/cross river/Akwa Ibom/ and Ijaw)not to talk of those who marry from Delta and other parts of Edo. Even here in US a lot of Yoruba men marry Ibo girls and vice versa. So Mercy should not use tribe to tell us why her first marriage (to an Ibo man)failed. She never said her first husband beat her (or did she)? because he never did. The reason why she left her first husband might be because she saw a bigger gold mine (Lanre Gentry) and now that mine is exhausted, she decided to change jobs by provoking Mr. Gentry up to the point of beating her (which he never have done) no matter the level of provocation. How many men will bear the sight of his wife running to another man’s house anytime their is a misunderstanding? how many men will like to learn that his wife went to stay with another man in another country when she told him she was going to another country? I do not support or like the way Mr. Gentry beat her up. He should have endured the embarrassment and walk way after all she was married before he saw her and she left her husband under the pretext that her mother in-law did not like her.

  12. The rich also cry!!!!!Not all that is glitter is gold. Caveat Emptor…..Let the buys beware

  13. Waste of time, you are indeed a waste of time and stark illiterate. What has someone’s place of origin got to do with justification for domestic violence? What an insult to the beautiful women of Benin. There is no need to leave a marriage under a pretext, Uzoma. Domestic violence is an evil that needs to be exposed, shamed and treated. A man beating up a woman needs treatment. No man raised properly by his father or mother hits a woman, unless for those who witnessed their fathers beating their mothers and the mothers placidly accepting it as part of a normal marital life. Our society is paying a huge price for ignorance. What about all those women that have died as a result of the husband or boyfriend beating and killing them? Do you pray that happens to your mother, sister or daughter? God does not like ugly. Treat others as you want to be treated.

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