2 Nigerian Hajj Pilgrims From Kano State Die In Mina & Mecca After Brief Illness

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September 17, 2016 – 2 Nigerian Hajj Pilgrims From Kano State Die In Mina & Mecca After Brief Illness

The Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board has confirmed the death of two pilgrims from the state in Saudi Arabia during the 2016 Hajj.

The Public Relations Officer of the board, Alhaji Nuhu Badamasi confirmed this in a telephone interview on Saturday in Kano.

The National Hajj Commission had announced that 18 Nigerians lost their lives during this year Hajj.
Badamasi said the two male victims from Kano died after brief illness in Mina and Mecca respectively.

He said one of them hail from Kano Municipal Local Government Area, while the other came from Gaya Local Government Area.

Badamasi said the deceased had since been buried in accordance with the Islamic rites in Mecca.
He said the board had concluded arrangements to begin the transportation of pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to Nigeria, from next week.

“This is expected to begin hopefully on Wednesday or Thursday next week according to the flight schedule,’’ he said.

No fewer than 5,808 pilgrims performed the 2016 Hajj from Kano state.


15 thoughts on “2 Nigerian Hajj Pilgrims From Kano State Die In Mina & Mecca After Brief Illness

  1. Inna lilai wa inna lilai rajihuun. From HIM we come, from HIM we return. May Allah (swt) grants them al janat firdous.

  2. If I recall very well, I think about 1.8M terrorists stone the devil and he did not die, rather, the devil used just a stone to kill 18 people and still counting…

    Wait!!! So all these while, fife is one of them? I never knew nah.
    Ok, let mohammed recieve them in his “modgnik“ . Stupid terrorists.

    D Hunter.

  3. Lmao D_Hunter’s memory doesn’t forget past post and he’s right, they all were stoning their senior colleague “satan” and now he didn’t die but he ended up using a stone to kill 18 of em. Can’t stop laffin

  4. My heart goes out to the bereaved families and every other family grieving the death of their loved ones all over the world. May God/Allah grant them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

  5. Never argue over someone’s FAITH, because you can’t force the person to believe whatever you have to say.
    The BEST you can do is to accept what the person have to say, so it just look like THE ARGUMENT DIED BEFORE IT STARTED.
    You cannot change someone’s belief or opinion, it takes the GRACE of GOD. YOU CAN ONLY SURVIVE AT YOUR OWN PACE.

    #clueless human

    (source : Ebiwari F.)

  6. @huchennar, may God bless you more and more. May God grants all your heart desires. You will leave long, for as long has you leave God Almighty will bless you with peace of mind. I appreciate your being.

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