2face Idibia, Annie & Wedding Guests In Dubai (Photos)

annie idibia wedding dubai

March 21st, 2013 – 2face Idibia, Annie & Wedding Guests In Dubai For White Wedding (Photo)

2face Idibia and Annie Macaulay have arrived Dubai with their wedding guests.

This upcoming white wedding ceremony of 2face and Annie is the latest talk of the town.

Tuface and his daughter Isabella were spotted leaving the First Class area of the flight they boarded on Tuesday.2face idibia in dubai

A new report on the estimate of the wedding has been released.

The total amount 2face and Annie Idibia spent is 150 million naira.

According to sources in Dubai, the wedding has started with a get together party on Thursday afternoon…

The big ceremony commences tomorrow afternoon.

Wishing the couple the very best.

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20 thoughts on “2face Idibia, Annie & Wedding Guests In Dubai (Photos)

  1. why this days is only for him ,is new wife, child from this marriage,both familys and friends that is all,am sorry bron in home of many children from many women.am happy my father marry only my mother.

  2. Broz na true talk u talk at list the boys 4 be his men on suite & best man, if the girls plenty them go do bride mate 4 anny,2 baba u no try but am happy 4 u sha,one lov.

  3. 2baba nd Annie,i wish u guyz all d best in marriage life..2baba pls dnt 4get ur children o,especially dat ur carbon copy boy.

  4. i luv 2baba jooor… this dude is jst the biggest masquerade nija get. hapi married life bro inno and annie

  5. Am so happy for my chairman Tubaba,congratulations to you my HYPERTEK Chairman……we the Hypertek crew here in Accra Moore,salute you….Congratulations to my OROOKO BABA….we love u ….best in your journey of marriage

  6. Guy i love dat story mhen congratulation to u and ur wife 2baba i wish u and ur wife long life and good music, guy keep on i lov u.

  7. Tubaba u de shine well well oo.. Ar wish u happy journey,but mind u it is a journey that truely has no end onless death,so what ever difficulties u meet on the way u have to forget it in rememberance of the vow,for better for worse,and dont forget ur children always encourage Annie to accept those as her’s.God bless u

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