American Rapper Who Tried To Sacrifice Best Friend For Illuminati Ritual Arrested

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March 21st, 2013 – Illuminati Sacrifice: American Rapper Shots Best Friend In The Head To Join Illuminati

American Rapper Arrested In A Bid To Sacrifice Best Friend For Illuminati Ritual

An upcoming American rapper identified as Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin who tried to join the popular Freemanson secret society called Illuminati has been arrested after he allegedly shot his best friend in the head in a studio in a bid to use him as a sacrifice in order to join the secret cult.

His best friend who was sleeping during a recording session in a music studio woke up to his amazement after he saw his friend, 27-year-old Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin pointing a gun to head and shouting “you are my sacrifice”.

According to sources, Wafeeq has tried to joined the secret cult but he was told he needed to sacrifice someone in order to join the group.

He tried to shot his best friend in the head and fortunately for the victim, the gun didn’t hit him on the head, the bullet ripped his hands sending bone and skin fragments into his eye.

The victim was able to lay hold on the gun Wafeeq used and shoot him in the stomach before running away.

Investigators recovered more than a pound of marijuana from the Athens Avenue home, according to the search warrant, as well as literature dealing with the Illuminati and its alleged connection to the music industry.

A 2-day trial will begin in June and the aspiring rapper has been labeled as a danger to the public.

To all the doubting thomases, this is another evidence that Illuminati is indeed real…. Read more on Illuminati blood sacrifice

18 thoughts on “American Rapper Who Tried To Sacrifice Best Friend For Illuminati Ritual Arrested

  1. What a terrible decision from this rapper that want †φ use his friend as sacrifice. God wil save us dreaded thing called illunati

  2. God knws best, 2 me wafeeq should b killed instanteneously, or if i were 2 b d victim. God knw wat wil happen.

  3. Dats shit,wel as 4 me,if he can 4get abt d evil nd give his life 2 Christ,den b4 he knw it, his lyf wil change in a twinkle of an eye…

  4. We keep blaming the defaulters and forget about the brains behind every evil act… Mtcheeeww!! Wel my advice 2 this rapper guy is to give his lide to christ and be saved from the everlasting torment in hell after his death

  5. wat a b**ch iz diz I knw d guy wil b set free sinz it iluminati God I pray he shuld change 4rm diz evil doin

  6. He knew he was wrong for shooting his friend then he stayed up all night trying to come up with that story. “The devil made me do it.” Any excuse is better than none.I just hope your new little imaginary friends show up with a lawyer and a bribe for the judge. Yeah I doubt it.

  7. Letz nt deceive ourselves..ds doesnt jez add up….e wanted 2 use his fwend as a sacrifice n in d process got killed by dt same fwend in self defense….who blivs dt shit?nt me….taking a gud luk @ ds story,ah fnk tz scam,d fwend who claimed dt e wanted 2 b killed is actually d one seekn 2 join illuminati,e hurt his muslim fwend-sabir n turned it all on his head,called d police n reported it,lying agnst sabir…e is d murderer n nw has d sympathy of d whole world..sabir was d victim n his fwend has led ppl 2 bliv e is d victim…e planned 2 kill sabir 2 join illuminati n since e knws d dead cnt talk,evrione has 2 bliv him…letz get outta d mist we r in n see clearly!

  8. When I see this, I just dont wanna see them anymore there so digusting in real.. Shame to Rihanna, P-Diddy, Eminem, Jay Z and Kim Kardashian. As for Beyonce, I no already she is a top level witch. A huge shame to that fool above. Explain to him that in order to be rich he must suffer by the sweat of his forehead! Come on…

  9. So all this stupid people live on this world .There is noting
    hidden after God .all there are work will end one day let all stand ferm and also pray to God for protecing.

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