2face Idibia & Annie’ White Wedding Reception Venue In Dubai (Photos)

2face idibia white wedding dubai photos

March 24, 2013 – Tuface Idibia & Annie’ White Wedding Reception Venue In Dubai (Pictures)

The wedding ceremony of singer 2face Idibia and his wife Annie in Dubai yesterday was a success. Over 250 celebrities stormed Dubai to honour the couple yesterday.

2face idibia & Annie Macaulay married at the Sefinah Ballroom of Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Saturday morning.

The glamorous wedding reception took place at an exotic Island called Royal Island Beach in Dubai.

Guests were ferried to the Island after the wedding proper.

The event rounds up with an all-night party at a Nigerian-owned night club called Kaza nite club.

See more pictures of 2face and Annie Idibia’s wedding reception below.

If you missed the wedding pictures view them at 2face Idibia’s wedding pictures

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16 thoughts on “2face Idibia & Annie’ White Wedding Reception Venue In Dubai (Photos)

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  2. @mulikatcardoso, y are u always stupid and senseless in ur speech? Wat has 2face marriage get to do wit religiou? Dis is igorant and stupidity of d highest order, ur jst an illiterate in a literate form bcos is ur type dat always cause crisis and trouble in a place.

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  4. 2face, i sinceerely congratulate u 4 ur successful weeding dat took place in Dubai.News has it dat u are alredy a father of five kids b4 d weeding. my question is dat, what kind of treament do u expect from these kids of urs
    when they finally grow up to adaulthood? bcos, u used thier mothers and dumped them 4 anotheer lady.pls my gud friend, remember there is alwys a day to pay 4 whatever we do here on earth.tks and hpy mrd life.cheers.

    • @felix u re just a big fool nd u need to go nd lean hw to talk mumu u jut mk me vex now go on 2 baba na God do am 4 u!

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  6. Now u are a responsible man, happy married life. Dont allow the other women to distract, for if they dont want u will not pregnant them. But try to take care of the whole of ur children. God bless tubaba.

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