2face Idibia Auctions Traditional Wedding Outfits For Charity

2face idibia auction wedding outfits

April 19, 2013 – 2face Idibia Auctions Traditional Wedding Outfits For Charity

Nigerian singer 2face Idibia is planning to auction his traditional wedding hat and shoes for charity purpose.

According to sources, the African queen crooner followed the footsteps of late singer Goldie who willed all her properties for charity purpose even before her untimely death.

Who will buy 2baba’s cap and beaded shoes?… Let’s wait until the auction begins.

19 thoughts on “2face Idibia Auctions Traditional Wedding Outfits For Charity

  1. I lv the design of the traditional Cap and Shoe,is so beautiful and attractive in eyes. And pray it will last to the users. LV IT……………………………

  2. 2baba carry those tin go Auction them 4 Dubia,i tink u wil make more money 4m them,besid u did ur weddn there.so go bk there.Who be fool?

  3. Every thing just the happen fast I think Dubai is the best place for the auction . At list more rich people plus yeye govnors will be there Mr too sabi

  4. take am go Aswani market for lagos make them sell am as okrika. nonesence, if u want to help the charity get ur cheque book and sign something reasonable not some insignificant pairs of okrika shoes and cap

  5. This idiot thinks he is smart how does 2face second hand cloths benefit the less privilege? If you are not ready for money donation you can as well go to hell for all i care after all Dubai is within your reaah. Pls stop insulting Nigerian’s sensibility. They need no such gift from you.

  6. I Laughed,laughed and laughed nearly fall down from my chair when i read previous comments.Now not about the artist in question at all at all, but rich ppl generally.They are the probs of poor masses,excpt some minute few among them.Take Ng, as example.Ng riches and oil is respected abroad, but see what is happening.God says u respect the rich,despise the poor,do not rich men oppress you.James 2.2-6. Lazarus died b4 the rich man died,Lk. 16.22.the poor and the rich will die,but lets leave an impact and remember the masses meaningfully.Further still ppl in gov will need med/care they will run abroad, are there no hospitals in Ng.?

  7. u dont need to aution those okrika of urs b/4 helping de charity. kanu nwankwo never autioned any okrika b/4 establishing his heart foundation

  8. True talk confidence.Who wants to wear a shoe with 2 baba written on it.Riduculous if you want to help,help by donating cash to pple that truly need it.After all u get plenty awof for ur wedding.Stop fooling urself.

  9. Lmao… In 9ja, wit his name all over evrytin yhu don’t xpect any1 to wear dem around, am sure no 1 iz gonna buy dem and just kip dem. 2baba, ar yhu sure yhu ar nt broke?

  10. y are u all too premitive. in western world things use by a star worth millions, and as we all believe that 9ja belongs, 2 baba only want to make 9ja proud, u all are d 1 disgracing 9ja. other country will be laughing at u, think very well b 4 u talk nonses,

  11. tttttttttttttttu baba u get mouth, if u wan help d poor or d less priviledge, do sumtin dt majority of dem wl benefit frm,ao much wl many gain frm 1 pair of shoe nd 1 kantangua cap,even though u no go skuul dt doesnt mean u shuld take drastic decision without havin second thought abt it. Though nobody holy pass bt u can do beta dan dis, u start ur music carreer b4 Davido yet he s ahead of u in charity makin, pls am one of yur biggest fan so dnt riddicu yurself b4 us, “d evil and gud men do lives after dem”

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