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3 Months After Taking Office, Buhari Has Achieved What PDP Couldn’t Dare In 6 Years – Oruma

buhari vs jonathan

August 29, 2015 – Opinion: 3 Months Of Buhari, PMB’s Ascendancy Supersedes PDP 6 Years Of Hopelessness – Oruma

It started like a joke when PMB declared his patriotic quest for the fought times to rescue Nigeria from the scourge of impending collapse, amid corruption insecurity,impunity, unending poverty and life of hopelessness.

The solid foundation meticulously crafted by His Excellency PMB attracts the popular slogan “Baba Go- Slow-And Steady” yet defiled all odds to repositioning Nigeria amongst the comity of Nations, as individuals and technocrats of impeccable pedigree irrespective of party affiliation, ethnic inclination, religious and regional sentiment form the bases of his appointments (meritocracy taken precedence over every other consideration).

The primary responsibility of any government around the world is to safeguard the lives and properties of it citizens, but sadly enough this responsibility over times has been relegated to mere rhetoric and propaganda.

Security, Corruption and Economy remains his campaign slogans that earned him undying love amongst Nigerians whom over the years have been short-changed in the scheme of things.

A government shrouded in deceit dwell on propaganda to attain its dubious aims, a scenario with which Nigeria under the past leadership of formal President Jonathan found itself. While Nigerians perished and became refugees in their own country as a result of neglect and conspiracy, the government at the time made it clear to the entire world that all is well with Nigeria, despite ill-equipped military in the face of rising insurgency, orchestrated by the ragtag Army and raging lunatic branded in Boko Haram.

The devastation and unending havoc unleashed on the masses by the Boko Haram know-no-bound, as its calamitous effect on Nigeria rendered us subject of ridicule to be detested around the globe.
The emergence of PMB rekindle peoples hope and rejuvenate Nigeria from the shackle of a looming end, as he wasted no time to get to the root of the escalation of insurgency in recent times.

The PMB invitation by the G-7 Summit was to seek foreign collaboration to tackle Boko Haram head-on, the regional cooperation between Chad, Niger, Sudan Cameroun, Benin Republic is seen as right step in the right direction, as the Multi-National Forces in conjunction with the Nigeria Army have succeeded in rooting out the terrorist from their hide-out, all thanks to the renew vigour of well-motivated Army.

There is no doubt that the systematic synergy between regional and international communities against Boko Haram is yielding maximum result, as Nigeria Military now heavily motivated with the sophisticated weaponry yet to be seen on the battle field.

The DSS which hitherto the third arm of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is now the real Eagle eyes of the society, as individuals with questionable character are paying squarely for their unforgivable sins.

The Nigeria Police Force is gradually finding its rhythm with paradigm shift to policing in line with International best practises, thus reducing over- zealousness, bribe and corruption in the Force to the barest minimum.

Despite our porous border the Nigeria Custom Service in conjunction with the NDLEA is intercepting drugs, arms and ammunition meant to boost Boko Haram onslaught, from Camaroun border to Chad, Benin Republic to Niger Republic remains a nightmare for Boko Haram sympathisers.

The EFFC a toothless bulldog, all of a sudden has woken- up from its slumber for a reason only Buhariphobia can explain, as the fear of being a Kirikiri candidate is the beginning of loot recovery amongst our corrupt elites.

Jail brake almost became a societal norm under the last administration but today the story has change with solid fortification of our prisons across board.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in collaboration with sister agencies rendered local oil refineries in the creeks less attractive, as several mini depots with adulterated oil have come under strong attack in recent times.

With empty treasury of red-alert handed down to PMB and the dwindling oil price at International market, it would only takes the brevity of an individual with endowed intellectual enrichment to repositioning Nigeria economy.

It should be noted that more than 70% of our annual budget went into servicing the lifestyle of our politicians, with less than 30% to cater for more than 170million Nigerians with regard to welfare and infrastructural development. Thus, as one the few untouched by corruption and quest for unending acquisition of wealth, PMB opted for 50% reduction of his salary and allowance and enjoined his Vice to do same in lieu of our law makers at the moment.

He rejected N400 million car loan, denied Office of the First Lady with zero allocation to the now Office of the wife of the President, revived Nigeria Airway to create more jobs, revived our moribund refineries to producing capacity in addition to approved 65 private refineries.

The prohibition of the payment of foreign cash into customers’ domiciliary accounts to curb excessive fall in Naira value against the US dollar, the bail-out grant to indebted States who could not pay their workers’ salary, the harmonization of Treasury Single Account (TSA) in tone with sections 80 and 162 of the 1999 constitution for transparency and accountability.

The withdrawal of Federal government sponsors of prigrims Abroad, the ban on VIPs from using Police Escorts in Nigeria, over 2,500 soldiers dismissed for cowardice and other offences committed in the war against Boko Haram pardoned, including 102 officers earlier sacked reinstated by a review panel.

The plan revival of textile industry in the country, the sustainability of Amnesty Program, the implementation of UNEP Report for the cleansing of Ogoni land and several other laudable achievements towards peace in the region, have clearly demonstrated PMB sincerity of purpose and undying love for the Niger/Delta, a justification of his maiden speech of ” I belong to everybody and I belong to no one” of course the position of his wife Aisha is non-negotiable. Thus, douse the likely tension of drums of war and brimstone by the militancy in the area.

The moral re- awakening and consciousness brought about by Change mantra is one that has place Nigeria as the most admired and loved Nation around the world within 3months of PMB ascendency.

In his words ” If we do not kill CORRUPTION in this country CORRUPTION would kill us in Nigeria.” Whereas, with Itse Sagay heading the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, the fight against it would be interesting and this explains the season of probe across board, surprisingly this is already yielding unimaginable results with looters returning their loot willingly without being asked.

Due to massive corruption and wastages in the petroleum sector, PMB reduced its management staff from 122 to 88, ordered cancellation of fraudulent deal for the delivery of crude oil to the refineries in Warri, Port Harcourt and Kaduna, as well as the termination of the Offshore Processing Agreements with three companies – Duke Oil Company Inc, Aiteo Energy Resources Limited and Sahara Energy Resources Limited.

The willingness of Business and International communities to invest in the Nigerian Project is a clear testimony of confidence repose on PMB. Thus, it is pertinent every patriotic Nigerian support PMB to succeed in admiration of his solid foundation.

With institutional decorum, moral and character reformation brought about by Buhariphobia, Nigeria could only get better as we journey through the remaining days of his administration, whereas the economic implication of this is massive, as there shall be a peaceful Nigeria of our dream devoid of social vices, equity and justice, a robust economy to accommodate teeming unemployed youths in the mining and agricultural sectors.

Trusting PMB good sense of judgement is not a hard thing to do given his enviable background, of course few individuals with corrupt tendency and mutual suspicion would continue to oppose every of his policy through blackmail and propaganda with which majority of Nigerians are already aware of ( Corruption fighting back).

Long live His Excellency PMB!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!
Long live Northern Youths Intellectual Advocacy Forum!!!

ABDUL YAHAYA ORUMA, President Northern Youths Intellectual Advocacy Forum (NYIF)
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  1. Tunde Ednut

    August 29, 2015 at 6:00 AM

    jonathan didn’t surround himself with good people, he has potential

  2. gracious

    August 29, 2015 at 10:37 AM

    There is no congratulatory message for achievement witout physical change, Nigeria is geting worst than 3 months back.


    August 29, 2015 at 11:16 AM

    Oruma u are *****d for fabricating ur fathers so called achievements nonsence.

  4. Lazarus Eber

    August 29, 2015 at 12:19 PM

    Oruma or whatever you call yourself you made me believe you are one of those who sit in the comfort of their home to decieve the people about the so called achievements of your master Buhari and the APC, I will advice you to go out and see things for yourself.

  5. iyke

    August 29, 2015 at 12:41 PM

    Still too early to praise this government, 4 me there is nothing to praise for now. We still have insecurity, jungle justice. Water scarcity, bomb still dey explored, what we need badly are a good transport system, nationwide train tracks with modern trains, we need steady power supply, factories to creating employment

  6. Omokehinde

    August 29, 2015 at 7:42 PM

    I want to thank God Almighty again for paving way for this great Nigerian statesman called President Muhammad Buhari to govern our beloved nation in challenging times after the fall of failed Badluck Jonathan. Since the departure of General Buhari in a deadly coup by criminal Babangida, Nigeria has been governed by looters, criminals, bad leaders, and highly corrupt government officials. It will not be far to put all Nigeria problems on dumb and low IQ Jonathan, but Jonathan made Nigeria bad situations even worse in his six years of clueless reign in Aso Rock Villa. I’m a Yoruba man and a pentecostal Christian. But I campaign vigorously for PMB because he was the right man with the right experience, cleanest records, great characters, highly discipline individual, very religious, and a man who loves his country better than any leaders in the past thirty five years. I agreed fully with brother Yahaya Oruma that this great man has done far better jobs than sixteen years of PDP useless admistratiions under OBJ and JONA combined. Nigerian people should be patient and stayed turned because you about to witness great achievements under PMB good and people’s oriented government. He will perform so well that people from all the six geopolitical regions of the country will beg him to stay for another four years come 2019. Putting Nigeria back on the right path from the brink of total collapse is a difficult and very challenging jobs, but with the right president who has visions of what he is elected to do, there is great hope that our country will bounce back to economy growth, strong national security, good government free of corruption, accountability, and economy prosperity. We must all pray for PMB and vice president Osinbajo daily in order for God to direct their paths, policies, and actions that would benefits all Nigerian people regardless of their tribes,culture, faith,and language. May God bless, protect,and don’t guide PMB, Osinbajo, and all other elected officials to help deliver the dividend of d democracy to over 180 millions of our people living in man made poverty. Amen.

  7. mubarak hamza

    November 12, 2015 at 8:23 AM

    well,for me.this is an upportunity to greatness,this country will change in a shortest possible time,with a country men like him,this country will be rebranded from analog administration to fully digital.i will here by use this medium to apritate what the likes of amechi did esp in making bsure this administrationn came on board..

  8. big man

    December 8, 2015 at 10:10 AM

    that is a big lie

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