37 Billion Naira Looted By GEJ Minister, Labaran Maku Found Hidden In Nasarawa Farm

37 billion labaran maku loot

July 31, 2015 – 37 Billion Naira Looted By Goodluck  Jonathan, GEJ Minister Labaran Maku Found Hidden In Nasarawa Farm

The fear of corruption probe has become the beginning of wisdom for many corrupt ministers who looted Nigeria dry under soft-spoken President Jonathan administration.

A whopping N37 billion loot allegedly stolen by one of GEJ’s corrupt ministers was recovered from a farm in a remote area of Nasarawa recently.

About 7 Hilux vans took the loot to Abuja.

The owner of the farm was a former minister in Jonathan cabinet, information minister Labaran Maku.

He is a non-native of Nasarawa who happens to own a big farm there.

According to report from a NGO, many corrupt officials who embezzled more than they can spend in their lifetime during Jonathan administration are now having a hard time hiding their loot because many exit routes are not being blocked since President Buhari anti corruption campaign is in full force.

Here are some of the ways the corrupt ministers are hiding their loots

  • Farms.
  • Overhead water tanks at home.
  • Granaries at home and at relatives’ homes in villages.
  • Trunk boxes.
  • Underground bunkers for storing Yams and Potatoes.
  • Irrigation farms and plots.
  • Old cars that are no longer in service.
  • Underground fuel tanks at disused petrol stations.
  • Ceilings inside houses.
  • Family graves.

These people do not have the fear of God in them. This is why most of them are against Buhari’s anti corruption agenda.