37 Billion Naira Looted By GEJ Minister, Labaran Maku Found Hidden In Nasarawa Farm

37 billion labaran maku loot

July 31, 2015 – 37 Billion Naira Looted By Goodluck  Jonathan, GEJ Minister Labaran Maku Found Hidden In Nasarawa Farm

The fear of corruption probe has become the beginning of wisdom for many corrupt ministers who looted Nigeria dry under soft-spoken President Jonathan administration.

A whopping N37 billion loot allegedly stolen by one of GEJ’s corrupt ministers was recovered from a farm in a remote area of Nasarawa recently.

About 7 Hilux vans took the loot to Abuja.

The owner of the farm was a former minister in Jonathan cabinet, information minister Labaran Maku.

He is a non-native of Nasarawa who happens to own a big farm there.

According to report from a NGO, many corrupt officials who embezzled more than they can spend in their lifetime during Jonathan administration are now having a hard time hiding their loot because many exit routes are not being blocked since President Buhari anti corruption campaign is in full force.

Here are some of the ways the corrupt ministers are hiding their loots

  • Farms.
  • Overhead water tanks at home.
  • Granaries at home and at relatives’ homes in villages.
  • Trunk boxes.
  • Underground bunkers for storing Yams and Potatoes.
  • Irrigation farms and plots.
  • Old cars that are no longer in service.
  • Underground fuel tanks at disused petrol stations.
  • Ceilings inside houses.
  • Family graves.

These people do not have the fear of God in them. This is why most of them are against Buhari’s anti corruption agenda.

23 thoughts on “37 Billion Naira Looted By GEJ Minister, Labaran Maku Found Hidden In Nasarawa Farm

  1. Most of the xministers have destroy our country.Baba should not only take the money from them,but should also get them jail for what they have done


  3. How much is recovered, can that be televised for the masses to see it and government handing it over to federation account, let’s see the money first, to be sure is not cock and bull story and let us equally know that it has been safe guarded, then government knows what our constution says to be done to such individual. So let cause take its full course.

  4. I always give glory to God almighty for blessing this nation with a God fearing leader, in person of General Muhammadu Buhari. The immediate past administration has turn this nation to an object of ridicule before the international community. This is a nation where over 50% of her citizen can not afford 3 square meal a day! the most painful aspect of it is that the poor nigerians are the one criticising the government of Buhari when he has not even spend up to 3 months in office. In my own opinion, Buhari can start his probe frm anywhere he likes! If Gej was transparent enough what stops him frm probing his predecessor. This nation must move forward! We can’t continue to swim in corruption. Corrupt politician must be used as a scapegoat. May God bless my beloved country Nigeria.

  5. This is a total disgrace by our so-called leaders.thank God PMB is there,they must vomit all that they hv eaten.Shameless thieves!

  6. This man is very selfish and wicked. i am just angry with all this thieves, but when they hear or see an ordinary man who steal chicken, they will sentence such a person to prison. infact i cant wait to see him in Prison uniform after conviction.

  7. Where is the money, at least the money should be made public abd the six hilux van taking the money to Abuja should be recorded for the General public to see.Another PDP – APC propalganda.

  8. Just information minister! With 37 billion Naira, in fact, every participant in that administration should be hounded. Pardon my sarcasm, the writer of this piece referred to Jonathan as soft-spoken; that is very rude, the respectful and polite word is ODE(big dunce/dummy).

  9. Lies, how could seven hi-lux pickups carry N37 billion? even if they said it why cant we use our brain before admitting its true. check makus twitter page and read what he said abt d money.

  10. do u no how many Nigerians u have starved to death from our national cake .
    God will exposed all of you.

  11. @ uncle K u are the only person that understand media propalganda. they write stories from their dreams. they recover 37 billion naira,7 Hilux and nothing to shoew,only niaja gist hear the story N.T.A NO CARRY THE NEWS,NO PUBLICITY,NO JAIL.THEN HE IS NOT READY TO FIGHT CORROPTION

  12. The question every right thinking man need to ask is, who discovered the money, when n which farm in Nasarawa? U cnt fool everybody because this is winchhunting, simply because election tribunal is in his favour, you now want to blackmail him. Even the Devil n d death knows d truth it is the hand work of Al-Makura

  13. Dnt keep us in the dark,nigerians need prove if all this allegations leveled against him were true..let’s see some pic or video,all the way frm nassarawa to abj wit 7 hilux haba there must b prove

  14. All corrupt Ministers under immediate past administration should be made to face the wrath of the law, in fact they suppose to die by hanging. Bunch of thievers e no go better for all the ministers under badluck called him Goodluck administration!

  15. Just yesterday I was telling colleagues that with the country we have trillions of naira in the hands of politicians in hiding places(since after the elections) especially the PDP election campaign national and state coordinators. This cash is in thier homes. “PMB IS WORKING, GOD IS WORKING. LET THE FIGHT CONTINUE”

  16. Those who are spoillin 9ja money god will purnish them and their relation unless they release the money well don buhari

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