4 EKSU,Ekiti Varsity Students Die In Car Crash While Returning From Range Rover Acquisition Party

eksu students killed car accident

July 12, 2016 – 4 EKSU, Ekiti State University Student Killed In Fatal Car Accident On Iworoko Ifaki Ekiti Road While Returning From The Party Of Colleague Who Bought Range Rover SUV In Ado Ekiti

Four Ekiti University undergraduates died untimely in a fatal motor accident that happened some minutes to the gate of the institution on Iworoko-Ifaki Ekiti road yesterday.

The Lexus car carrying the students and a nursery school bus collided around 5:30pm.

All the 4 students were pronounced dead on the spot while the driver of the empty bus died the moment he was pulled out of the wreckage.

The crash was caused by the bus driver after overtaking another car at a sharp bend.

Some friends of the deceased who rode in another vehicle said the deceased students were returning from the party organized by a colleague who was celebrating a Range Rover SUV he just bought in Ado Ekiti.

The corpses of the students had been deposited at the state hospital.

May their soul rest in peace (amen).

27 thoughts on “4 EKSU,Ekiti Varsity Students Die In Car Crash While Returning From Range Rover Acquisition Party

  1. Well let us just tell ourselves the bitter truth, this student did not die in Christ, so therefore their spirit can never rest in peace, their spirit is roaming confusedly, their colleague who bought such a vehicle, where is his source of money came from, don’t be supprised dat d soul of d student was sacrificed by their colleague, dats a lesson for d rest students who left what their hardworking parents send dem to do in school to other stupid things dat doesn’t glorify GOD

  2. May the soul of the departed n rest in peace.
    A lesson to the students, the purpose of their being in the school is to study and not for cruising & partying around the town.


  4. Becareful were u go for parties u wouldn’t know if its on disguise for rituals.
    U were sent to school but went to attend a party bcos someone bought a car, height of foolishness, now u av put ur parents and loved ones thru unnecessary heartache and pain. RIP

  5. Poorly constructed roads will continue to claim life, this type of road is everywhere in Nigeria. Our leaders do not have progressive wit to change the country for the better, all they know is vanity propelled by their animalistic instincts. Majority of them had lived outside of Nigeria, but never ready to help this suffering country.

  6. I see nothing wrong in going to celebrate with your friend for a good thing that happened to him. If it was reported that the guys where over-speeding as a result of drunkenness or so, I would have laid it to their charge. But as it is, it was another driver’s carelessness that has claimed the lives of these people. This is too bad. Whoever leaves his house and returns to it in one piece has experienced a miracle.

  7. Please this incident had nothing to do with the students attending a party. It could have happened at anytime party or no party. RIP

  8. RIP ke for where. a student who went to buy range rover and his parent could not afford to buy a tire. did u think d source of d money is pure#may their soul rought in scartterd pieces #

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