Armed Robbers Snatch Car & Baby From Mother In Effurun Delta State

armed robbers snatches baby from mother delta state

July 12, 2016 – Armed Robbers Snatch Car & Baby From Woman At Soko Estate In Effurun Delta State

A woman lost her baby to some armed robbers in robbery-prone area of Soko Estate in Effurun, Uvwie LGA of Delta State this past Sunday.

The victim was driving around the area when the armed gang ordered her to step out but the robbers refused to listen to her plea for the baby at the back of the vehicle.

In a matter of seconds, the armed gang zoomed off with her baby.

An eyewitness who identified herself as Mrs Juliet said the robbers attacked the victim at a very bad spot on the road.

7 thoughts on “Armed Robbers Snatch Car & Baby From Mother In Effurun Delta State

  1. Another kidnapping again? Lost car and baby at once! Where is nigeria descending to? Now What is the way to defend ourselves when circumstances like this occur? Or what should I say now? How can a mother of her baby beg to spear her child of that attack and you turned a deaf ear and drove away her baby with her car? I pray that God will help this woman recover her precious baby. There is really a very high level of insecurity in this country now. We will still continue to beg for God’s protection because the days are wicked.

  2. Fellow Forumites, the problem of insecurity in this Country has reachable its peak. How could these bandits stole the baby and the car? definitely they were trying to sell the baby to the ritualists after selling off the car. This is the height of inconsiderate and wickedness. Now the question is what do we do? I hate wasting my entire time on discussing on how the incident happened instead of proffer a solution. That is our problem in this Country i.e crying over a spill milk. Some Countries that can boast of 60% non violence made a lot of changes to repair their miserable system. What have we done so far to address this issue? Or what are we going to do next? Or are we just going to fold our arms and conclude that God will take care of our problem for us without making any move. I think our decision and lack of ability to restructure things is what is delaying us to put an end to these horrible incidence. We need to re-instate death penalty. No parole or presidential pardon for any armed robber or group of armed robbers caught in the process of robbing innocent people. Any Native Doctor caught trying to aid and abet armed robber must be arrested and charged as armed robber. Our police department must come with their own tactics to detect and flush out some unscrupulous officers among them. If all these can be done trust me, we shall be highly in victory against men of the underworld.

  3. @Jilo, I like your question. And it the ears that be(coined from the powers that be) would listen to me, I would tell them that all they need do is, first of all, build good roads. Remember that it was at a bad spot that she was attacked. If she did not have to slow down, perhaps she would have still been together with her child now.

    The second thing that they should do is to provide steady power supply. With good roads and steady power supply, Nigerians will survive:

    a) More multinationals would berth in Nigeria
    b) More people would be lawfully and gainfully employed
    c) Even enterpreneurship would receive a boost
    d) (a) (b) and (c) would translate to a reduction in people who are involved in violent crimes, and the soceity would be safer.

    There is a point that a negleted and derelict individual becomes desperate and damns all the consequences whatsoever they be if only he could survive by crime. The Nigerian youth is just like this, driven into vile reprobacy by the government neglet. And so making harsh laws and equiping the police with guns and vehicles only lead to increase in death rate instead of reduction in crimes.

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