4 UNIPORT Students Killed Were Cultists, Mafia Confraternity Cult Members On A Mission

4 uniports cultists kiled

Oct 8, 2012 – 4 UNIPORT Students Killed Were Cultists, Mafia Confraternity Cult Members On A Mission

NaijaGists.com’s investigation has revealed the true story behind the brutal murder of 4 University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) Students on Friday Oct 5, 2012. naijagists.com

Names , Identities Of 4 UNIPORT Students, Cultists Killed

The 4 Uniport students whose names are Ugonna aka Tipsy, Tekena Elkanah, Lloyd Aka Big L, Chidiaka are popular cultists and cult members of the Mafia Confraternity.

Photos Of 4 UNIPORT Students Killed (Burnt Alive In Aluu)



llyod aka Big L

llyod aka Big L



Tekena Elkanah

Tekena Elkanah

On Friday morning around 5:00 am, 5 students of the Mafia Confraternity cult embarked on a journey to Aluu village in Port-Harcourt on a mission to collect money from a student on behalf of one of their members.

On getting there, the guy told them he doesn’t have any money.

After a series of argument, the armed cult members seized his laptop and blackberry.

As they exited his apartment, they guy yelled thief…. thief…

On hearing his yell, some member of the vigilante group protecting the robbers-terrorized community chased the 5 cult members.

One of them escaped while the 4 others were apprehended.

They were caught with the seized laptop and blackberry.

According to a source, Aluu Village in Port Harcourt has been plagued with frequent armed robbery operations in the past and that is why the vigilante group are always in operation to protect the community.

The vigilante group took the cultists to Aluu community leader to explain themselves.

After a bit of explanation, the leader found out that their story is untrue.

Since they were caught with blackberry and laptop belonging to a Aluu community member, their leader was convinced the cultists’re armed robbers so he ordered them killed.

The 4 student were brutally murdered and burnt alive in Port-Harcourt on Friday.

For the past 24 hours, a very disturbing video footage of their killings have been circulating the internet. (Be Warned the video is very disturbing)

Aluu Community leader and 12 members of the vigilante group have been arrested in connection to their murder.

Whether they’re cultists or not, justice must be served in this brutal killings.

Who authorized Aluu community leader to order these 4 students killed in this barbaric manner?

Why not hand them over to law enforcement officials?

Here is a message from the University of Port Harcourt Student:

I must say this to other students out there who are cultists and some who might be tempted to join. I am a final yr student in my school and I have been approached so many times by even friends I didn’t expect to join them because of my physique but all I just say is ‘NO!’ and i feel so liberated the way I am. “there seemeth a way right to a man but the end thereof is destruction..” is a popular verse of the Holy bible… a food for thought to the young students.

A word of advice for students – BEWARE OF CULTISM.

203 thoughts on “4 UNIPORT Students Killed Were Cultists, Mafia Confraternity Cult Members On A Mission

  1. God dis Ȋ̝̊̅§ indeed a̶̲̥̅̊ sad 1,even if dis guys actually stool dey dnt still deserve dis kind of shamefull α̲̅πϑ painfull death, †ђξ word wasn’t fair 2 dem,dis re kids who re J̶̲̥̅̊μ̥§τ̣̣̥ getting 2 № more abt dis life,jesus said let he who Ȋ̝̊̅§ witout sin βε̲̣̣̣̥ †ђξ 1st 2 cast †ђξ stone, †ђξ tins happening in dis word presently shows dis Ȋ̝̊̅§ end tym,nigerians lack salvation, Wε̲̣̣̣̥ need God in dis country,cos God Ȋ̝̊̅§ L♥√,rip guys it Ȋ̝̊̅§ well.

  2. Be the first to throw the stone if you are without sin, thou shall not kill, thou shall not judge so that you will not be judge. if you have feel is ok to what happen to those guys then one day it will happen to you and everyone will be cool with it. we shall be careful with what we say.

  3. God knows all. Everybody has a share of the blame cos we refuse to act appropriately in our various endevours which amounted to this. One thing I want everybody to know is that Whatever one does (thoughts & actions) to the world, one does so to himself/herself.

  4. The generations of the killers of this handsome guys will never see peace and the Allu community members who had hands in the death of this guys to perish like a bird will also perish one after the other before the end of this year very 2012….. Allu community is a disgrace and will never see good in their life if they did not apologize not only to the parents of the deceased but to Nigeria……. I pray the sins of this guys will land of stupid Allu Community because they are not supposed be part of Nigeria and I pray the president should separate them from Nigeria.

  5. may God have mercy on this earth, no matter what the case may be no one has the right to take another man’s life, thats why we have the police, all i can say is that the incident is one i can never forget in a HURRY,for God’s sake were lies human symparthy for crying out loud,its barbaric,GOD Have mercy






  7. i watched that video over and over again..i walked in thier shoes, how will it feel if it was me…..i cursed that community cos it would hv been beter if thy were handed them over to the force. and if found guilty pay the price by a simple death.. not beating them up for so long.clubing them with wood as thick as hell, letting them beg so long for their own lives yet no mercy, and burning them up while they were still alive.. if men were GOd they would rain hell on their rivals. cultists or not no one can clearly say..the damage has been done. no one knows the true story behind dis tragedy..they aint here to speak or themselves. if u judge them to be cultist then what would we call those who clubbed them to death.. are they not even worse than canibals?
    i hate alu for this…its simply unforgivable… even jesus christ said ‘cast 1st the stone at the prostitute if u know u have no sin’.. and they all waked away knowing tht they commit bigger sins than that in secret

    i tell u of a fact that those who killed dis boys have been killing b4, its not their 1st time. they need to be arrested all of them……… may God give the families of the dead student d grace to leave tru this painful times… and finaly… nigeria is a lawless country…

    • I still can not get over this and I don’t think I can ever get it over my mind in fact I wsh I didn’t watch it but God Almighty will make those people suffer they will never enjoy the fruit of their labour, they shall suffer, they will perish, anything good will never be their portion. In fact they will cry forever, they are going to die in a mysterious way.

  8. The way thos boys were killed was very bad. How can a Village leader(village head),SENTENCE 4 students to death?. Does he have the power to do so???????.

    If u re of the opinion that the boys deserve what they got;;;;;i think you are also supporting n clamouring for the death of 16 aluu community indigene that may occur as a result of what they did:::: If God is to judge them, bcos thou shall nt kill

  9. aluu is not well presentable. If I am inside one mad traffic and an alternative route wey dey free pass near aluu, I go still dey my beautiful holdup. Majoritin of those people they do demons. They are the most demon people. Aluu is not well safety enough, and we should call OP MESA to pick the useless village chief. Even the devil know say aluu pass am for wickedness. Ahn ahn! Aluu. Every bad things is with them. Like criminals and yahoo. That man wey use kumo nak that boy for head, God has a special place for you in hell. Our thoughts and prayers go to their parents and their families, we come against every spirit of aluu people by fire. But the truth of the matter is that Olalekan is a useless fellow. I think he must have been part of the killers. Nobody said that they shouldn’t kill thieves or cultists. Just not in that way. The law shoul take its course. Once again, I say that aluu people are WICKED WITCHES and WIZARDS and marine spirits and possessed by demons and evry bad things. Thank you

  10. For evry soul that has been in support of this act and is still alive till dis day won’t live to see 2014, ℓ̊ read all the posts oo, ati dada, ati monky, harry, paius etc! Juz watchout! Hell is awaiting, ℓ̊ hate y’all, mtcheew.

  11. It is you that will not live to see 2014. How are we sure you are not even a cultist. Does guys deserve to be killed cos somehow somewhere they have also killed some people too. He who believe by the gun will equally die by the gun. If u are cult member I urge you with every strong possible term to opt out cos if u are being caught in d act I will be the first to demand for ur head.

  12. Irrespective of how dey died,dey remained very MEAN,dey kept every story of d waka on OMERTA,ciao meanest mean sons RIP.tosa

  13. obiora u ar a smelling BASTARD… 4 saying dat don’t let d F MEN get hold of you ….TOSA!!! 4 our falling meanest sons we fall to rise again

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