5 Internet Fraudsters, Yahoo Boys Arrested In Enugu By EFCC

internet fraudsters arrested in enugu

March 14, 2013 – 5 Nigerian Internet Fraudsters, Yahoo Boys Arrested In Enugu By EFCC

Below is an official press release by EFCC over the arrest of five notorious yahoo boys in Enugu.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arrested five suspected internet fraudsters in Enugu, Enugu State. They were picked up from their hide out at No. 26 and 42, Chimaobi Uba Street, GRA, Enugu following an intelligence report.

The suspects, Uche Nwakor, 27; Ejikeme Oluchukwu, 30; Ifeanyi Ejikeme, 28 ;Nnamani Ikechukwu,30 and Ibe Kodili are alleged to be serial scammers who have defrauded several victims.

Some of the items recovered from the suspects include Eight Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Seven United States Dollars ( $8,227); Seventy Three Thousand Naira (N73,000.00); eight (8) exotic cars; nine (9) laptops; twenty one (21) mobile phones; two (2) internet routers; one (1) currency counter and one (1) Sony camera.

Other incriminating items found with the suspects include four (4) drivers’ license bearing different names with same photograph, five (5) flash drives, two (2) external hard drives, various bank cheques, ATM and Master cards, 1 HP printer, a black traveling bag with 12 different identity cards, a company metal seal, two (2) international passports belonging to the same person, among other items.

The suspects will be arraigned in court as soon as investigation is concluded.

Wilson Uwujaren
Ag. Head, Media & Publicity For EFCC

34 thoughts on “5 Internet Fraudsters, Yahoo Boys Arrested In Enugu By EFCC

  1. Why do we always prize ourselves in delusion in the country? We are here celebrating catching hustlers who could not get job in the GOD forsaken country, Nigeria and decided to use their brain on gullible but greedy whites. Why don’t EFCC tell badluck (sorry, Goodluck) to extend his forgiven status to all wrongly imprisoned Nigeria as it is the order of the day. EFCC u are just like ur boss; selective operation.

  2. what about those that stole billions of naira, our politician that has swindled huge volume of cash, una no chase those ones, na young men wey dey hustle with there brain una dey embarrass.
    these young intelligent guys take money from the white men that stole our resources and cash long ago. Efcc leave these young men and go after those that are stealing billions meant for the improvement of your fallen country…

  3. good job EFCC,i hate fraudsters because they brought calamity to me and my siblings in life, they are all bunch of loosers so lazy, they will all burn in hell.

        • @quixote, youre n idiot. Why are u blaming your sorrowful life on other people? Are they d ones that caused your sorry life to be empty? How did they bring calamity to you and your lazy ass siblings? Jobless idiot like you….

          • Birds of the same feather flys together and mind you i work really hard for my money i dont hop around looking for people to rob of thier hard earned money.datz the reason why i am man anytime any day ass hole buks or whatever u called urself.

    • sorry!! lol !! they swindled you!!! how could they have done that if you had no been greedy. wanting to reap where you didnt sow. mumu!!! lol!!!!!!

  4. All those in support of the yahoo yahoo guys are thieves as well. This shows how you all were raised. Shame upon you and your families.

  5. efcc God we punish who na jeneration evil shal due in al member of efcc.what dose dat lute our money what hv u pple don to dem.tell me djob dat we hv in 9ja do dey stil 4rm nig goverment.let me ask u pple a simple question dose item u pple recover wht are goin 2do with dem.God we punish al efcc.come 2 libya and c d way our nigerians re sufferyn d girls re doin prostitution d libian sojas rapping dem every day bcus dere no good goverment.fuck efcc nd u dat is against dem.

  6. God will punish all this who call them self efcc official,those foolish politician who they steal all our money, you can arrest them please live those boys

  7. shame on u effcc u guy are bunch of fools free those boys b4 thunder strike all of u go and arrest the corrupt politician and stop disgracing guys all around alas.

  8. All those people who support this useless efcc should tell me the nature of their financial status..boys will graduate from school only to become okada riders due to unemployement..abeg leave those guys joor make they make use of their brain and get money.if ur suffering in 9ja no one cares but when you start making money everybody porks their useless eyes on you.. GOD punish efcc!

  9. What crazy country nigeria,look at the kind of nonsense and foolish news u wil be in wicked country,efcc my foot u(goverment)u cant provide job for our yourth and if they hustle on their on you show their face crime fighter what of all this monster,fools,morons,thiefs that called them self our politicians name them:obj,ibb,good lurk,yakubu police pension saga infact all of them from mr president down to L.G Chairman they are going stright to hell,u can imagine in country where 85% of our graduates are jobless what did u expect 40% in dis nonsense country hustling any how any where,the other 45 turn into diasopra.i can swear with anything those boys are comfirm graduate.MAY GOD HELP US IN DIS WICKED COUNTRY OF OURS


  11. EFCC! Please can you people tell the world who is the conplainat to those young men? I can see that you guys don’t really have other jobs, EFCC want us to believe that you guys don’t see all the minister’s that are stealling our money. Yes EFCC are not seening what they so called governor’s are doing in the states. Yes police or EFCC has the right to arrest any fraudster only when you have the victem on ground. I must bet EFCC now that after throughly check those people arrested now has no conplainat. Foulish country with foulish adminstration. Lawless Nigeria were government officials steal millions of Dollars and get bail within 3 days.

  12. EFCC you people are fools why cant you tell the government to create jobs for the youth what do you want them to do do you want them to steal with gun is better to do that yahoo yahoo business than been Army robber na thunder from heaven go kill una to death EFCC my foot. animal why cant you people look for those top government that steal poor masses money. you EFCC officer go die one after the other i swear.

  13. meahn you guys are men,take courage,is not easy to come out in news paper,throughly i suport,your deeds,never mind is still nigeria nothing will happen to you guys ok,after all the politician that eat nigeria money everyday how many of them were kill to stop fraud,its people who are suffering in the internet day and night is to be purnish,am not blaming you guys,rather i blame nigeria,because there is no job opoturnity,even the EFCC,all this money they are snatching from people every day,were it is,and what have nigeria use it for?,may GOD bring another secuirity that will be aresting efcc one by one,pls u guys should take courage,what ever comes acros a man is equal to him except death,if you WANT TO KNW Y I SAID THIS CONTACK ON MY EMAIL,CHARLSETIMOTHY@yahoo.com

  14. i am just dissapointed in this useless country that has all it takes to be great, the economy has been harnessed and compressed to the benefical detect of the whims and caprices of the greedy few. yet the watch dogs that are delegated to rescue this nation from this greedy pirate who has wantonly destroyed this country beyound any forseeable rescue has now turn around from there task and has started catching fishes. instead of the pirate. efcc is a total failure to nigerians. you guys are as unreliable and and as hopeless, foolish, uncalculative and as unwise as our leaders. you guys should keep catching fishes while they sail away with our great ship. fools. go to other countries and see what we are passing through. we are treated with utmost disdain because they know we dont have a home.

  15. Na god go punish does so called efcc.you people should free does boys efcc before I come back ok jonkings…….basterd efcc.my fellow yahoo boys i gret una keep on fraud and you will have long life to live.street otti

  16. me i no blame dem for doing yahoo to get money o bcos if to say those boys com out and c wrk do, they no go do yahoo na.

    and again, i no say make una no arrest dem o but i want ask una dis question: as una arest dem now wetin una go do wit dem?
    una go kill dem? una no fit kill dem bcos dem no kill person.

    ok i c, una want just jail dem for som yrs and release dem again abi?
    but make una no forget say na train una dey train dem so. if those boys com out of dat place, dem go worst.

    for oda countries, wen dem catch ppl like dat, they wil feed dem, cloth dem, train dem on each talent they hav gotten so they get mor and wen they hav graduated, they work for their government or they fix dem somwhr good.

    can d D.C.O. of each of d police station around those yahoo boys swear wit their lives dat those boys dont use to bribe dem. can they? upon dat they stil hav d mind to arrest dem.

    me i am a girl of 19 yrs from Ogba Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. we ar three girls and we ar teling all of u EFCC down now, dat we ar traveling out to study (how to hack and a trained killer) and wen we ar bak, we shall continue…..
    and bfor u ppl wil catch me, i would had gotten many of ur girls trained on how to kill u, silently. …Plis my ppl dnt b afraid, am only talking to EFCC , POLITICIANS, DCO, INSPECTORS and some U OUT THERE…

    EFCC i c dat u dnt hav beta tins doin dats y u ar bc arresting young boys dat ar tryin to hustle sins thr is no wrk. but wait for just few yrs wen am bak, den u wil hav work to do. ….like mayb looking for me to catch!!

    …..MY BROTHER IS A YAHOO BOY and he is sponsoring me!
    if u want catch us, i go giv u our address. only if una go fit succeed in going bak home in peace and not in peaces!!!

  17. If our country empower our youth with jobs I’m sure they will be no scammers what do u expects from a 30 year old man who finished studying and apply for a various jobs and non of them called him back? What do u expects him to do? After putting all his hard earnd savicing money in his academics and still no jobs. Well I don’t blame the scamers that where cought,I blame the country. If they provide job oppotunity for the youths I’m sure they will have nothing to do with scam. You fools speaks of hell why you don’t no what they have been true or what made them turn to such way of life, I don’t blame u sha, na because you get person wen they feed morning till night na make u fit open ur routine gotta mouth they talk. See him face! Wen be like papa dash me I where. Since u say u sabi well, well u for enter the street mo see weather u go fit last 10min

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