5 Unilag Students In Fatal Car Crash, 3 Killed (Accident Pictures From Ikeja, Lagos)

unilag students car crash pictures

July 2nd, 2013 –5 Unilag Students In Fatal Car Crash, 3 Dead In Ikeja, Lagos (Accident Pictures)

While coming from the birthday party of one of their colleagues mother, 5 students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) got involved in a fatal car accident along Ikeja Int’l airport road in Lagos on Monday.

According to eyewitnesses report, the car crash killed 3 out of the 5 unilag students instantly while 2 of them are in critical condition at the hospital.

We learnt one of the victim of this fatal car crash invited few of her friends to the birthday party of her boyfriend’s mother.

The students left Emerald hostel in the early hours of July 1st, 2013 for the journey of no return.

The lady that invited her friends got a surprise proposal from her boyfriend, the son of the birthday celebrant.

The lady pictured on the left above identified as Adelowotan Oluwafunmilayo, a 200Level Quantity surveying student was the first victim of the accident.

She died as a result of head injury after she was ejected from the car they’re driving.

Her best friend too who accompanied her to the event also died when she got crushed.

Some students on campus are insinuating that the mother of the boy who invited them allegedly used them for ritual.

One of the concerned students who opted out of the invitation said how come the boy didn’t propose to the lady in a different way… why not on his birthday or the girl’s birthday..

Why did he propose to her on his mother’s birthday.

The concerned students claim the ring on the left finger of the Funmilayo is a ring of death that caused the fatal collision.

This is tragic.

Look below for the pictures from the accident scene.

Viewers discretion is strongly advised

unilag students killed in car accidentcar crash scene of 5 unilag students

May their souls rest in perfect peace.

43 thoughts on “5 Unilag Students In Fatal Car Crash, 3 Killed (Accident Pictures From Ikeja, Lagos)

  1. May there soul rest in peace,whoever do this shouldn’t die,will love u but God u most.

  2. people don’t talk like that…. it is only God that knows what causes their death may there soul rest in perfect peace……

  3. I fink you are mistaken this are Afe babalola university student who had d accident along ibadan road

  4. May God deliver the rest of us from sudden & untimely death. May the souls of these young & promising students find a resting place in the bosom of our great God, before whom all of us shall stand (irrespective of our differences) to render the accounts of our deeds unto, on the day of judgement.

  5. Oh my God,why is dis happening.dis should be a lesson to us all.nobody is to be trusted.ur best friend can kill u.MAY THEIR SOUL REST IN PEACE. AMEN.

  6. Why wud ppl hav such kind of thoughts? I swear, some ppl r very stupid and daft. Very useless ************s. Must everything be fetish? Gosh! U all need to grow up. Every small thing dat happens, its all about rituals. I wish it was u guys dat were in d crash nd nt dem. U ppl r so foolish for having such thoughts…

  7. If is true he kill her with the ring,he will also die,no body will stay in this world, good go to heaven and bad end up in hellfire.

  8. Wat is wrong wit nigerians, when are we going to accept death as a part of life, that we all are destine to die by means unknown to us… pls to the pple insinuating ritual, can they consider over speeding or drunk driving first?

  9. What a tragic loss to the families of the victims. May their souls rest in peace. This is the result of over-speeding and safety violation that shortened their lives. This is an awakening call to the livings because, It is important people should ALWAYS obey traffic laws. Every occupants of a moving vehicle MUST be under seat belts. Vehicle manufacturers installed the device for protection and NOT for decoration. That’s why they were ejected from the vehicle. The driver of cause must have been over speeding as well couple with bad roads condition. What has the accident got to do with the timing of marriage proposal? Besides, why would some people deliberately open their mouth and sin by saying the lady’s boy friend’s mom use them for ritual. Ritual for what? to eat their corpses? Did she ask them to be speeding and not wearing seat belts? Accident don’t announce when it would occur; it can happen anywhere at any giving time. We just have to curtail our behaviors while driving on the roads and be mindful of other road users and also take cognizant of how we constantly disobeying traffics laws.

  10. funmilayo,was mai frnd in taidob college abeokuta,she was a very gud saxophonist….may her perfect soul rest in peace^sobs

  11. One shouldn’t jump into conclusion tho, but why is that the girls were the to die, what happened to the guys? Are they iron man ni or they have iron body……… We should leave all to God to judge.

    May their souls rest in perfect peace

  12. This is very very tragic; my heart is skipping like crazy.. young and beautiful soon gone so soon, may theirs souls rest in eternal peace, Africans we need to stop blaming others unnecessarily. .. why not focus on the physical evidence. .. the thing is that he profess his love for her and she died happy.

  13. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace. Fellow readers, let us not jump into conclusion. Driving under influence of alcohol, careless driving, impatient driving, unqualified drivers and inexperience drivers are the cause of most Nigerian accidents. My advice to all Nigerian passengers is to observe your drivers for any strange behavior, don’t hesitate to confront him/her.

  14. may their soul rest in peace in jesus name, but dis should give sense to does who travel anyhow without informin their perent or without tellin their pastor for God protection and a world is a enough a wise who cannot see bt has knowledge from above?

  15. May they soul rest in peace………. But why can’t we adjust to white pple behavour rather than our africa mentality, bible said that we shouldn’t judge the book by the cover. Why do we have to leave physical event & be talkin spiritually as if we are sure of what killed them……….. Tufiakwa, african life are disgusting

  16. I think this is the time 4 us to get close to jesus because it is only the living can praise the lord.may there soul RIP

  17. am so happy that majority are against the ritual stuff. may thier souls rest in perfect peace and students please be careful of the way you travel. a birthday party is not a bad idea but excesss journey is not advisable due to other academic responsibilities and for the sake of a setled mind.

  18. May there soul find rest in d lord.also dis shuld serve as warnin to party frek no do follow follow make u no go die.

  19. R.I.P………….. may their gen2 soul rest in perfect peace *Inalilahi Wahinallilahi Rojiun*

  20. may their soul rest in peace, Harrison u don’t talk like dat, wht is wrong attending a friend’S mother B-DAY

  21. Accident is untimely n unplane 4, if dey tink dey AR goin 2 end their life just like d@ dey will not go 4 d@ party. Pls fwendz letz always follow our church mind. May d Lord grantz Dem eternity n our guardianz angel 2 watch over us n direct our legz 2 d write part. Tenkz

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