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50 Cent Calls Nigeria Den Of Thieves As He Insults Nigerian Stalking Him On Instagram

50 cent calls nigeria den of thieves

January 29, 2018 – 50 Cent Calls Nigeria Den Of Thieves As He Insults Nigerian Stalking Him On Instagram

Rapper 50 cent has come under fire for allegedly blaming the fault of a guy on the whole nation.

Here is what happened.

A Nigerian man @ Bright Imuze who is a die hard fan of 50 cent allegedly queried him on why he is only flaunting one of his children on Instagram.

The troubled rapper who is popular for venting his anger on the social media went after the guy like a hungry lion chasing its prey, when he referred to the guy as a dirty ass kid.

The rapper who obviously knew the guy is a Nigerian went further to tag the post with #denofthieves, referring to the ongoing corruption issue in Nigeria.

While most Nigerians are busy mocking Bright Imuze for doing aproko, others are clapping back at the rapper for being too childish in his response.

Here are some fiery comments from Nigerians who took offence at rapper 50 cent childish demeanour.

Though Den of Thieves is the title of a new flick he is working on,  most Nigerians didn’t find it funny when he used the tag in this sensitive situation.

And in few years time, a Nigerian promoter go say he wan sponsor 50 cent to come perform in the “den of thieves”.

Is he not the same rapper who collected millions from the “den of thieves” few years ago after a performance???… #yeyerapper #post grammy outburst thingz



  1. Juicy jah

    January 29, 2018 at 4:55 PM

    I won’t blame the broke ass nigga I blame the african following him. He lacks substance, he has declared bankrupt. He has nothing to offer again. His time is up.
    I bet u no one will invite his fucked brain to Nigeria again

  2. J. B. Hunter

    January 29, 2018 at 5:27 PM

    CHECK THIS Worn out nigga whose only hit track ever had been what he called “IN DA CLUB“ and nothing more.

    ONE Painful fact, Nigeria in particular was the country that enhanced and really promoted that music as every where then was filled with that track in the air. Especailly when and where there was any occation.

    I PERSONALLY Don‘t like his useless rap music and it‘s painful that some people here go out of their way to be nick-named 50cent. Annoying.

    I CAN‘T Believe that this product of a leaking condom actually called Nigeria such derogatary name bcos of a simple question from a fan.

    Den of thieves…Wait o… That includes Me
    J. B. Hunter, right? They should have allowed Eedris Abdulkareem to deal with him the other time he came to Nigeria.
    Maybe by now his name would have been reduced from 50 to 15cent.
    Thunder fire am.

    Stroll off…

    • Greg Oloyede

      January 29, 2018 at 5:43 PM

      Ye mogbe o. JB you are wicked. See how you finished 50 cent.
      I think by now he is already 10 cent
      Keep da flag flowing bro. u are da bomb

  3. Pat

    January 29, 2018 at 9:34 PM

    Drug dealer calling a country a den of thieves. Can’t even spell. Illiteracy and money bad combination.

    There is nothing wrong with been a fan but choose descent people.

  4. iron bar

    January 29, 2018 at 11:36 PM

    And people will spend their last dim to attend their yeye event just like kim kardashian scammed so called fans in lagos event few yrs ago ,showed up for few minutes and absconded with millions paid as ticket fee as she flew back to states.crap

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