70-Year-old Man Marries 67-Year-old Woman In Huntsville Alabama [PHOTOS]

70 year old marries 67 year old

August 2nd, 2017 – 70-Year-old Man Marries 67-Year-old Woman In Huntsville Alabama [PICTURES]

70-year-old Murphy Wilson and 67-year-old Lucinda Myers whose love story went viral about 8 weeks ago have tied the knot.

The so-in-love senior citizens tied the knot over the weekend at the first Seven day Adventist Church in Huntsville Alabama where their love story began.

Wilson who lost his wife in 2013 met Myers at the aforementioned church.

4 thoughts on “70-Year-old Man Marries 67-Year-old Woman In Huntsville Alabama [PHOTOS]

  1. It is in old age one needs the companionship of marriage more. That time the children are grown and oftentimes live elsewhere and with age and its “slow-down” tendencies even the most mundane of tasks may be difficult for some. A partner comes in handy to provide the necessary physical and emotional encouragement and support. A partner of the same age bracket I suppose will be more understanding of the weaknesses brought on by age because he or she experiences similar challenges.
    Besides, in our Nigerian set-up, can you imagine an elderly man going to buy foodstuff in open market, and having to bear the insults of fishmongers when he tries to bargain down the asking price of what he wants to buy?

    I therefore salute the courage of these people in taking the plunge. Happy married life to them o o o!!!

  2. Wish you all the happiness you can get in the remaining years of your life.
    Lonliness itself is a silent killer.
    Enjoy the evening of your lives o jare!

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