Actor Solomon Akiyesi Debunks Baby & New Wife Rumour

solomon akiyesi new wife baby

December 26, 2013 – Actor Solomon Akiyesi Debunks New Baby & Wife Rumour

In the wee hours of boxing day, some Naija bloggers carried the false rumour of Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi and his new wife who just had a baby girl in Abuja.

Due to the virality of the story, the actor has been informed.

He has since denied the story.

Solomon Akiyesi said the woman in the above picture is his friend.

The lady just gave birth after 16 years of barrenness.

He took the picture on Christmas day during a visit to her house in Abuja and excitedly shared the joy with his Facebook fans and captioned it:

Last minute xmas bundle miracle in which we are well pleased. You v been long coming….angel”

16 years of childlessness is no joke o.

Congrats to that woman.

4 thoughts on “Actor Solomon Akiyesi Debunks Baby & New Wife Rumour

  1. But people have started celebrating him on Facebook and he didn’t say anything about it hope this is not another cover up

  2. Ijeoma sometimes it pays to watch pple dance naked and wallow in ignorance….the man ontop hav explained so who are we to doubt…the woman in question is nt embecile that someone can lied on her head that she hav bn barran for 16yrs jst to coverup..if it is a coverup..the woman will explode like bokoharam bomb nah… i believe him

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