Actress Ebube Nwagbo Cries Out: I’m Single I Want Marriage Without Divorce

Ebube Nwagbo single

Feb 23, 2013 – Actress Ebube Nwagbo Cries Out: I’m Single I Want Marriage Without Divorce

In this recent interview, beautiful Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo has made known her intention to marry soon.

According to the talented actress, she is bombarded with lots of proposals from men but she is a bit confused on who to choose.

She also claim she is scared of marriage due to divorce problem plaguing marriages of nowadays.

When queried about her relationship status, here is what the actress said:

Yes I am still single. The reason is that I am someone who has always believed in love. It is a big deal to me so if I have to do it, it has to be right. I am a strong believer of love. I get lots of proposals; it is so crazy I do not know who to give a chance to. I think it is a price I have to pay for stardom. Sometimes when anybody comes my way, I do not know who wants to be with me for the right reasons. I believe when that day comes, I will definitely figure out who that person is. It is not easy. What I should be talking about is not relationship but marriage. I want to go into marriage and be in it for ever. No one goes into marriage thinking of divorce, but it happens. We try our best. I think I am kind of scared, but I just have to give it a try whether I like it or not. It just has to happen and happen right; at the right time.

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44 thoughts on “Actress Ebube Nwagbo Cries Out: I’m Single I Want Marriage Without Divorce

  1. Sweetheart,there is no room 4 confu$sion when u can pray and table this b4 God.its one if not the most important department of life..dont look at material wealth.

  2. Is a pity u r facin dis challenge. My problem wit celebrites is dat d keep der shoulder high. Would u like 2 marry an average man? I hav alwys admire u not bcos u r an actress but bcos of wat I c in u. [email protected]. Is me. Takia.

  3. Your good heart desire to be a Member of Responsible Society (MRS) can be achieved if you can bring down your self-ago. You must not marry a multi-millionaire or a popular star. But God have the final say… You really need a Men of Responsibility (MR) that is God’s fearing.

  4. cerebrities in Africa are seen as half prostitute. Why cud a real man get married forever to a lady who expose her beauty , being touched every part of the body by any man.,kissed carelessly by anybody just for money. Forget the marriage or quit ur carrier. What is the difference btwn u and prostitute. Ur for vultures….

  5. A man who is rdy is dere bt our girls place deir shouldas too high. Actress got problems alot. Wel i lik u bt dere is a problem

  6. abeg, guys like me go brake ur heart anytime, d only person wey nor go fit brake ur heart na my papa, him b 82yrs old, ole longer throat men dey fear people like una

  7. My dear Ebube, if u are doubting ur luv 4 who 2 finally settle down with, hmm ur rigt man is here (me) i will marry u. Trust me

  8. as you are scared i will advice you to go and marry a man who you are wiser than, example, pamwine tapa, or breclear, or jobless man who you will feed and control him. think of it, if you go more than this, you know this your beauty can cause trouble man to man. think of it.

  9. Be careful my dear because the Bible say the heart of men is very wicked men are always looking for what is good but can’t hold it on
    my advice to u is u to be prayerful and let ur rightful man come to u.

  10. This is what is called beauty, not all those fatty, slutty ladies they ‘re parading as 10 most beautiful Nigerian actress.


  12. Ebube,pls dnt mind d gosipers jst b prayerful nd God wil direct ur path. Dnt jump in2 mariage,bt rememba dat it is nt a bed of roses,so u hav 2 b careful

  13. All u nid now is GOD cos u cnt handle it alone, 4get about who u are and what u have (jus brings down ur eyes) and God ll surely c u tru. Al d same, i ll not let u down if u giv mi a chance. 07061600313, I LUV U

  14. Pls just hope on God but try and show some respect to the men folks. Forget about being bossy i mean tomboy type men like ladies who are just naturta as a woman. All the best but forget to always pray to God for he answers prayers.

  15. Ebube,marriage is all about commitment and is channel without change when you start watching it you can not change to another channel.However if you have the opportunity to meet God fearing Man you will remain joyful for the rest of your life.

    Ebube,I’m such a man that will truly love you for whom you are,I have always loved you especially when ever i listen to your worship song i must confess your worship song have really minister to so many souls including me.i pray that almighty God will give you more inspiration.

    Hope to hear from you asap
    I remain yours sincerely
    Prince Parker Stan

  16. well well well my dear ebube alot comments have bean made or said about u hmm let me ask u a guestion what did u say abont ur self or to ur self?? all d same it is not an easy thing becouse many will be coming with defrent sister d bible said that d blessings of god maket rich and aded no sorow that same god who gave u all this talents and he have take u dis far in life my dear he can never ever put u to shame,he said call to me i will answer u and show u great and mighty things which u do not know.ask him to speak to u with d languege u can understand.and if he do u will sing a new song.if u have faith u can move mountain.u need to make choice befor d choice makes u .

  17. my dear i v to ask u dis question first nd to start with are u born again i genue one of it, if u are born again dis is only for u to get a man design by God becus he konws ur hrt desire nd wihout him u cant get a settle home or husband, becus he said with me all things are possiblem to dem dat new him as deir personal lord nd savior in christ JESUS, pls if u wnt us talk more dis nd fine a solution to it u can call me wit 08073069586 or 08095517255 nd above i pray may d lord open eye to see a good man in jesus name?

  18. i beg com make i marry u but am de only son as Loñg as u wil help me and respect me and love me08036889013

  19. Guys you all need to be wise.Who say men are not seeking her hand in marriage? She is just looking for a millionaire; so she cannot work throughout the rest of her life. GOLDIGGER. Anyway I wish u all the best

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