Foluke Daramola To Wed Kayode Salako, A Pastor’s Husband

foluke daramola kayode salakoFoluke Daramola & Kayode Salako

Sept 13, 2012 – Actress Foluke Daramola To Wed, Kayode Salako, A Pastor’s Husband

The latest gist in town is that Yoruba actress Foluke Daramola is set to wed again after deserting her husband, one Mr Tunde Shobowale back in 2008.

foluke daramola to wed

Foluke Daramola

Kayode Salako, a wealthy businessman right activist & politician has confirmed that he is dating Foluke and that the two are set to walk down the aisle soon.

kayode salako

Kayode Salako

Kayode Salako who was previously married to a female Pastor in Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG) was reported to have left his wife for his new lover without a formal divorce.

Following weeks of denial, Mr Kayode Salako has finally opened up to a soft-sell magazine on his affair with the actress.

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16 thoughts on “Foluke Daramola To Wed Kayode Salako, A Pastor’s Husband

  1. Please go and look for another man, Pastors husband? you are playing with Holy Ghost fire.God does not joke with His anointed no matter what. Learn from Abraham / Sarah and Abimelech in the bible.

  2. shameless idiot,as u couldn’t stay in ur husband’s house you now want to destroy someone else’ home. God will punish u together with all those divorcee actresses that are looking for other women husband.see u with those poison u call boobs of yours. foluke u will never see good in your life for pushing a pastor out of her home.

    Those who have been talking derogatorily, castigating and criticising are those who do not know anything about the issue on ground. Those who know are not talking, rather they are congratulating and thanking God on my behalf for setting me free from marital bondage, confusion, frustration and regrets of 13 years.I like to reitrate that Foluke Daramola did not brake my marriage.My ex-wife broke her own marriage, my be through the inspiration of her ‘God’.People who know are not blaming Foluke.And the reason for Bukola moving out of her husband’s house is beyond even Bukola herself.As she has come out to say that Foluke is not the reason for leaving her husband’s house -kayode salako,

    • I strongly feel that your wife left because she suspected you of dating the actress which you denied that to the public. You even went ahead to marry an actress,(very unreliable people). Do you know the emotional trauma your wife will be going through??? I pray you realize your mistake before its too late..

    • Kayode, i pity you . if i am ur mother , i will be praying for you , now it can be confirmed that won ti fi pata nu e lori . You are publicly calling the mother of ur children a REGRET. infact those that are associated with you should be ashame of you . Definitely , the children she produced for you are also a regret while the bastard Foluke brought from ouside are called PEACE. You are a bastard . if i am one of ur child , i will never forgive for the spiting my mum. Have u forgotten , she was once your jewel. Pls give her respect . SOmetimes the way you write ur statement , i do have a doubt that you pass proper education . Anyway in Niger , you do not have to go to school to be a political thug. Give it 2yrs , it will all be over . Foluke ma bu ese were lo .

  4. salako, or what ever u call ur name, it is really bad of you to disrespect and call the mother of ur children names, it’s not cool at all, watch the things u say in public, because u can’t be too sure, with this ur foluke, we have loads of fake pastors these days, so watch it, because our God is not an author of confusion, so pls, pls, do not bring God’s name into ur hand made mess.

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