Actress Grace Amah: Being A Single Mother Is My Only Regret

grace amah single mother

Dec 19, 2012 – Actress Grace Amah: My Only Regret Is Being A Single Mother

Nigerian actress Grace Amah, for sometime now, has become a rising star in the Nollywood movie

Ever since her first appearance in Lancelot Imasuen-directed movie titled Chain in year 1999, Grace Amah has won the heart of many Nollywood movie fans.

The echoes of her expert performance from the popular TV series “Superstory” continue to reverberates.

Following a short maternity break after she gave birth to her son two years ago, Grace Amah is back in full force to excite her worldwide fans. However, the single mother of 1 has unveiled that her number one regret right now is being a single mother.

In this recent interview, Grace said she plans to cope with her condition by leaving her child in the care of her mother.

 “I’m not struggling with anybody. I am Grace Amah; what I can do, I can do, what they can do, they can do as well. We’ve got different things we have to, what we put on ground. My coming back into the industry by God’s grace will not be a problem, and I’m not going to find it difficult, because I know I’m going to come back. In fact, I have fully bounced back for good. And with time, everyone would surely see that Grace is back. The only issue is my baby who is already closing to two years now but my loving mother can always take care of him for me whenever I need to be out of town for shooting,” Grace Amah said

10 thoughts on “Actress Grace Amah: Being A Single Mother Is My Only Regret

  1. there is no need to regret, having the baby is better than abortion, ur son is ur mirror and is ur inestimable jewel, husband or no husband try to be happy with ur son.

  2. Am proud of u my dia, lives r full of regrets out there but it takes a gret step like yours to move on and learn from ur mistakes not to regret anymore…be strong, The Lord is on our side

  3. Wia is d fada of d kid ? U Nollywood actress ‘re neva stable in ur marriages. I tink u shud get bak 2 ur man n raise ur child wit him. Shikena

  4. My dear u dont have to regreat anytin,u have to b proud of ur self and dat of son,is nt a must dat everybody wil get married,u have already make it in life,just move on wit ur life jire.

  5. amah, plz did words about regrets should come in at all and your baby shouldnt grow up to hear that you once made such statement. im a single mum of a baby girl shes 5 and i have refused to ever think regret. you can do it. someone can help you take care of him. yours is better there’s the finance to take care of him, i had mine in ss3 and im from a poor home and her dad isnt responding, today she is grown and im proud. there are words you dont say about or to your kids,you break their heart.

  6. if the father of the child comes wt a pure heart 4 marriage,pls accept him bcos of d child,if not be happy wt ur child

  7. She does nt need to be ashamed or regretting it…Many have abort there own bt by leaving the baby, dts d best decision.

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