Adulterous Wife Beheads Husband In Iyana Ipaja Lagos As Boyfriend Holds His Head

wife beheads husband iyana ipaja lagos

April 7, 2016 – Nigerian Woman Beheads Husband In Iyana Ipaja Lagos, Boyfriend Arrested

Housewife Beheads Husband In Iyana Ipaja Lagos As Boyfriend Holds His Head

Detectives at SCID in Panti Yaba have arrested a housewife who allegedly killed her husband, 49-year-old Lucky Bassey with a kitchen knife while sleeping.

On the fateful day, Grace Bassey reportedly attacked Lucky and ensured he died at their home at 23 Abari street in Iyana Ipaja before alerting neighbours.

She reportedly confessed to the police and implicated her boyfriend, Benjamin Otu as her accomplice in the murder.

Both Grace and Otu were arrested as the matter was transferred to SCID Panti for criminal prosecution.

During interrogation, it was reported that Grace and Otu confessed to the act and told the police that it was Grace that used a knife to cut his throat while he bled and died.
On the role Otu played, a police source said he assisted Grace by holding Lucky on the bed before Grace had access to slit his throat.

The couple from Akwa Ibom had issue in their marriage before the brutal murder took place.

The matter is still in court.

14 thoughts on “Adulterous Wife Beheads Husband In Iyana Ipaja Lagos As Boyfriend Holds His Head

  1. Reason why she behead her husband is still unknown to me. Whatever issues you have with your husband can be resolved and settled amicably. Wicked woman…..go rot in jail

  2. Mchew, hmmm I just feel like trowing up! What? Her husband! The heart of man is full of wickedness. Both of you could have eaten him after killing him.

  3. Na wah o. So easy to blame the devil for everything. Why must a marriage end in murder? If not compatible, go your separate ways. Nobody was joined together in heaven, we met here on earth and shall part ways here. So, what happens to their children now? Always think BEFORE you act. She will probably face the death penalty now, too late to regret. God have mercy on us all.

  4. Adulterous wife, congratulation for beheading your husband. Otu will soon abandon you, then your eyes will be open so think before you do anything in life o

  5. Must you kill your husband to have free access to be committing adultery? Wicked woman, you and your stupid boyfriend will rot in jail. God forbid

  6. How can a woman bears a meaningful name like Grace and her attitude is a Dis-Grace?
    People bears a good name and live the opposite of it. Just the other day, one Lucky like that went and stole cable wires in Lagos meant to Light Up Lagos project. The story had it that he was so UN-Lucky amongst his acomplices to be the only one caught. Just imagine that.

    And now we have another mrs Lowo calibre who apart from being promiscous, had to practically slaughtered her husband while he slept with her man lover assisting her Chai… (Sign of the cross) even though am not a catholic.

    We have a lot of Bachelors in the House, I am also one of them. My prayer is that, may God not let us fall into the hands of the likes of Mrs. Lowo or Grace Bassey (Amen).

    For now, I just have to continue my stroll hunting….

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