“Afeez Abiodun Owo Didn’t Use Juju On Me” – Mide Funmi Martins Says Enemies Behind Marriage Crash

afeez abiodun owo juju mide martins

April 19, 2016 – Afeez Owo Abiodun Didn’t Use Juju, Charm To Marry Me – Mide Funmi Martins says Enemies Behind Marriage Crash

How Infidelity, Superiority & Juju Crashed Mide Funmi Martins & Afeez Owo Abiodun’s Marriage

On Saturday, Mide Martins confirmed that her marriage to movie director Afeez Abiodun Owo has crashed in a series of IG posts.

The crack in the marriage was first noticed by her social media followers after she refused to celebrate her husband on his birthday.

To cut the long story short, the mother of two has taken over from Toyin Aimakhu as Nollywood Queen of marriage drama.

According to Encomium Weekly, here are the top three factors that led to her marriage crash


There were strong infidelity rumours in the marriage two years ago when the couple were said to have separated because the husband could no longer bear the wife’s unfaithfulness. The husband was also allegedly sighted with another love interest, while the wife stayed low key. 


There has always been the issue of superiority in the marriage as many consider the husband to be inferior to Mide, in terms of looks at least. And she admitted that much in a recent interview where she said she was fine with marrying an Ugly man. “It is obvious that I am pretty. But I love him like that. Love is not about being beautiful or being handsome,” she said.


Perhaps the most ridiculous of the rumours bedeviling the couple’s marriage is that Afeez Owo married Mide through diabolical means. Again, Mide addressed the rumour, describing it as jargon. “How can someone use juju on you for over 13 years? I have two kids with him,” she said.

11 thoughts on ““Afeez Abiodun Owo Didn’t Use Juju On Me” – Mide Funmi Martins Says Enemies Behind Marriage Crash

  1. na lie the afeez I know will never use juju on ant talkless of a human being
    the man is more handsome in person than on camera.

  2. The enemies that didn’t crash your marriage all this while did it with your permission stop deceiving yourself woman

  3. Mide you used to have a very good man, but with your attitudes you ruin your happy home. How would you feel if your hussy says ur ugly? Do you think you are pretty? Babes, forget the bleaching things, ur just thete.! If not for anything,for the sake of your kids, settle your differences and move on with life.

  4. Mide ur honey pot will soon be dry.Just go and look for elderly people to help u solicit with ur husband.

  5. this man called afeez owo is to me more gud looking than you o, “miss world” mide. u better come down from ur high horse n plead wit me b4 dis ritualist called”baba alaye” consume ur aural. just a piece of advise, anyway.

  6. Since u know d cause of ur marriage problem
    U should hv known hw 2 prevent d disaster..
    As a matter of fact both partner should learn there lesson.

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