Afeez Owo Didn’t Use Juju, Charm To Marry Me – Mide Martins


afeez owo used juju to marry mide martins

July 2nd 2017 – Afeez Owo Abiodun Didn’t Use Juju, Voodoo To Marry Me – Mide Martins

Few months ago, the rosy marriage of Nollywood actor/film producer, Afeez Owo Abiodun and his wife, Mide Martins went through a stormy season.

The marriage was rescued by the timely intervention of colleagues and family members who talked sense into the couple.

At a point, critics alleged that Afeez Owo used love portion charm to marry his wife.

The actress has debunked the report.

Here is what the mother of two said in a recent interview with a Lagos soft sell magazine which was later republished online.

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Up till this moment, fans of the ‘Nollywood bleaching gang member’ are of the opinion that she is more beautiful than her husband.