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Canadian Woman Heartbroken As Unfaithful Nigerian Fiance Marries!

nigerian fiance marries wife back home

Heavily Pregnant Canadian Woman Heartbroken As Unfaithful Nigerian Fiance Marries Wife To Please Mother

Please friends and family, I want you to read the story of this amazing woman with open heart and give her your input.

Here is the painful story:

I have been with a Nigerian man in Canada for 5 years. He came here in 2015 and we met in 2018. We have had a lot of ups and downs due to cultural differences. I was open to learning about him and his cultures, as he is a proud Igbo man. But I had a daughter from a previous relationship and with the differences, he didn’t put much effort into getting to know her and as a parent, the best way a new partner can win over our hearts is through our children. So I had a lot resentment towards that, I felt neglected and I felt she was neglected. He bought me a ring early on.. and unfortunately I was holding onto that resentment and used it against him and he never gave the ring to me again. Basically we’ve never been on the same page; a lot of toxic times, and traumatic events occurred in both our parts.

Fast forward to July of 2022, I find out I am pregnant. once I found out I was pregnant, I took my resentment I held and buried it deep down in me to allow the love to come back time surface. I changed everything.. for myself, my daughter, him, our soon to be child and overall us. This entire pregnancy has been awful, I probably cried and stressed 95% of the time.

He was entertaining multiple women in Nigeria that he met in Facebook groups; sending money for their phone airtime. I told him so many times this is a problem and they need ti go if we will work on this. He told me they are nobody to worry about, his brother said the same and sister

Beginning of January 2023, he surprised me last second that he was travelling back to Nigeria for 3 weeks.. mind you at that point I’m 35 weeks pregnant. I needed him more than ever. But I got his reassurance he wouldn’t see these women; wouldn’t misbehave and I sent him off with a peaceful goodbye. Being heavily pregnant, my emotions were sky high. I was questioning, assuming, just over all sad whenever I couldn’t get a hold of him even tho i knew of the time difference. I always thought the worst, but he also didn’t help. Instead of making me feel better he would say stuff like “I cheated” “once I landed I stayed in a hotel with a female” then he would go back on it. He then ask me for a DNA test of the baby, because he went to the docs and results came back saying he can’t have kids. I was devastated, one thing I’ve never done is cheat. I could never.

It’s been 5 weeks he’s been gone and he still hasn’t come back. He extended his stay for an extra 2 weeks and I thought it was so selfish. I’m still having to work because he did this and I’m in pain.

Our 5th year anniversary was February 9th, our baby due date is February 17th and I found out he did a traditional Igbo wedding on February 10th, one day after our anniversary… WITH ONE OF THE WOMEN HES BEEN ENTERTAINING. When I tell you I broke down, I lost it.

Since then he’s been begging my forgiveness, I found out from him and the brides sister it wasn’t legal as no bride was paid and they aren’t doing a white church wedding. He says he only did it because soon his mum won’t have any of her kids in Nigeria and she doesn’t have a husband, so he needs someone to take care of his mum and his properties so he says it was just an arrangement and because he’s the first born son; it’s preferred he marries within the tribe. To me, he had other options.. knowing he has a family back here in Canada. I’m completely shattered and devastated. The brides sister even tells me he refuses to touch her; and he was miserable at the ceremony and looked as someone who is being forced.

He is returning Friday, our due date.

What do you think of this? Please give me your thoughts.

FYI, the wife also knew about me. And the baby. We spoke in December.



  1. Bodewazzy

    February 16, 2023 at 9:24 PM

    I’m sorry if it seems am judgmental, how can you keep this type of guy in the first place.
    He is a serial cheat and a scammer. He will leave you more broken if you stay another year with him.
    I’m a Nigerian man. This man doesn’t represent an average man from Nigeria. You just met a very bad man

  2. Kofo torare

    February 17, 2023 at 9:07 PM

    You are stuck with a player. Watch it woman, most African men here in Canada are game player.
    Don’t repeat the same mistake. Get out now while you can. This man is not being truthful and can never be.

  3. Joana

    February 17, 2023 at 11:37 PM

    I feel your pain woman. I wish you safe delivery. Please focus on your children now and stop staying with this woman wrapper. Men like this have no principle and can NEVER CHANGE.
    Don’t waste your time by hoping he will be better.
    If you love him because of sex, then you can stay but you will see worse.
    You better cut off the relationship now than face many more heartbreaks than can cause deadly disease in your body. Be wise woman

  4. greg

    February 18, 2023 at 8:12 PM

    Hello, am sorry for what you are going through but I believe you got a really bad guy.
    He is not for you period.

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