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Alexx Ekubo Joins Growing List Of Celebrities Calling For More Action & Less Prayer

alexx ekubo latest news 2018

Popular Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo has joined the growing list of celebrities calling for more action from the federal government of Nigeria on the social media in the wake of a series of unfortunate events that have led to countless deaths in the country.

Here is what the frustrated actor wrote on the social media over the weekend.

“Well I’m tired, I’m done pretending, so dear World, here are a few truths about about Nigeria your giant of Africa,” he wrote.

“I once likened Nigeria to the proverbial ‘Small dog, with a big name’ after filming in Cameroon for eight days without experiencing power outage. They called me unpatriotic, they asked for my head on a plate, they called me a sellout but the truth is since I was born, I have never experienced steady power supply in my country. It is important to note I turned 32 in April.”

He added that an arm of the police called FSARS, harasses, bullies and extorts innocent and harmless citizens.

“Herdsmen go into a community killing everyone including harmless women and children and the government of the day won’t declare a state of emergency or move a muscle.

“We just lost innocent lives as a result of a tanker explosion on Otedola bridge, they still won’t do anything to change traffic/motoring safety…

“Pls nobody should tell me to #PrayForNigeria. INEC would not count your prayer points. I’ve been praying all my life and nothing has changed. I want to give Heaven a break. This is a call to action, we need to get our PVC & end this before it ends us.”



  1. Mani

    July 2, 2018 at 9:54 AM

    pls tell dem o, a country with the highest number of churches in the world yet evil keep happening every day

  2. amjoice

    July 2, 2018 at 3:42 PM

    on point bro.
    Nigeria is not safe for everyone again
    God have mercy and give us someone that value life more than cow.

  3. James

    July 2, 2018 at 4:10 PM

    Despite all this innocent blood flowing in Nigerian there are some sycophants that still has the mouth waiting for the second coming of PMB, I was sadden this morning when I was watching one of my favorite program in CORE TV when a certain man was saying that there is no competent person in the Nigerian that is capable of governing Nigeria, the journalist asked him, does it mean that out of almost 200 million Nigerians there is no person that can rule? the man said YES, except one man, but the person has no correct image because of his association with our former president DR Obasnajo, I was very very sad to the point I off my TV set and work out, please CORE TV don’t and never brig such person for any public discourse again if you want to gain more fans overseas, WE NEVER JOKE WITH YOUR PROGRAM ESPERCIALLY core digest, from the body language of the man, he supports the killings going on in Nigeria that has given our nation a name as human abattoir, it very shameful that a nation of such great value has turned into bloodletting nation, if I were the leaders, I will not attend any international summit, because there is blood in all their hands, in their legs and all over their bodies.
    Do you know the reason why we lose the ball with Argentina? Because you cannot be happy on the top of innocent blood, Nigeria has murdered sleep and shall sleep no more, had it been that our country is a nation that have human feelings and respect for life, all the players would have play the match with a black band on their hand to have respect and sympathy for the innocents souls killed, they would have won the match believe it or not, but as a nation that represent and house evil, they ignored it and the consequence is their lost, I am saying it always that God will pour his hot anger upon those who supposed to talk and take action against this killings but they chose to keep quite because of their personal gain and interest. Time shall tell.
    May God bless and protect innocent Nigerians.

  4. May

    July 4, 2018 at 4:49 PM

    Prayer is the only thing not action. Praying for exposing what offense(s) past and or current to lift this atonement. Nothing has ever happened that without cause it’s natural law. The forgiveness will come after repentance from leaders of the soil. See the herdsmen are a reflection of your leaders just as children are a reflection of parents, NATURAL JUSTICE IS WHAT IS OCCURRING AND WILL NOT CHANGE UNTIL HEARTS AND HANDS ARE BALANCED….AN EYE FOR AN EYE….SO NEVER DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN PRAY FOR REPENTANCE

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