Alleged Husband Snatcher Foluke Daramola Advises Single Ladies On Marriage


March 19, 2016 – Alleged Husband Snatcher Foluke Daramola Advises Single Ladies On Marriage

See excerpts from Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola’s recent with The Entertainer

Question: This is your second marriage. What advice will you give to young, single ladies?

Answer: First and foremost, they should not rush into marriage. Sometimes you should be complete in yourself first. When I got married and I missed it the first time, I didn’t want to get married again because I felt that I already have two kids.

But I discovered that if you can actually be complete in yourself and be yourself, you will enjoy that companion.

We all have our misdeed, but it’s just for us to face the positive, ignore the negative and be able to respect each other. There are challenges, no doubt. Like my husband and I argue sometimes, but then it is about the fact that we understand that it is beyond just being married, but having true friendship. So, single ladies should be complete in themselves first.

What is your advice for women who face domestic violence and still stay in the marriage?

I am an advocate against domestic violence. I always tell my husband at every given opportunity that if any man dares raise his hands to touch me or abuse me in any way, I will not be ashamed to walk out of that marriage.

I have been a victim of something like that in the past and I knew the effect it had on me. I had low esteem of myself and I didn’t have any hope for the future. It is like you are dead, alive.

It is better for you to walk out of that marriage to discover yourself. It is better for you to be alone and be the true value of what you are supposed to be than for you to be somewhere hurting yourself and dying gradually.