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Americans Insult Burnaboy For His Angry Outburst Over Small Font Name On Coachella Festival Flier


Americans Insult Burnaboy For His Angry Outburst Over Small Font Name On Coachella Festival Flier

By Gold Myne TV

There have been mixed reactions, following Singer Burnaboy’s lash at Coachella for writing his name in small font on the festival’s flier.

Burnaboy who claims his outburst was not from a place of pride but of self worth and dignity has been bashed for his display of “insecurities” and “unmerited pride”.

While Nigerians merely laughed and discussed Burnaboy’s outburst in the typical Nigerisn fashion, Americans have blasted him and cautioned him via The shade Room blog.

According to many, Burnaboy was only been insecure and foolish for making much ado about nothing. They reiterated that it wasn’t typical to put his name in large fonts when it was an American festival and most people do not know him.

He was referred to Hollywood superstar Idris Elba who was also featured in small fonts without drama.

“We don’t know you” They lashed at him.

As expected, Nigerians stood up for their star Burnaboy in The Shade Room letting the world know that Burnaboy is a star.

See the reactions below.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nikky

    January 4, 2019 at 8:05 PM

    Address yourself the way you wish to be addressed… See yourself where you want to be seen… Carry yourself the way you wish to be carried… Pronounce what you want upon your life… Many myopic and complacent people will term it arrogance. Why not? I’m God’s daughter, The King’s daughter, why should I utter the words of a slave?
    This is why most Africans in the Diaspora remain the “footmat” of whites, because you accept to stay at the lower rungs of the ladder they put you without complaining or protesting, with the deprecating excuse that, that lower rung is a lot better than your imagination and where you’re coming from.
    Boy… borrow yourself sense and speak positivity to your destiny…
    That some other names are printed in small print is not his business… His business is HIS OWN NAME!!!

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