An Open Letter To All Nigerians By Nony Modili


open letters to all nigerians

March 5, 2016 – An Open Letter To All Nigerians By Nony Modili

Can we put aside our selfie posts and jokes and look upon our nation? Can we try and put in our mind to this disaster and try to figure out the solution?

Where did we all go wrong? Where did we miss it? Is it From the government, or d masses? Are we following too much, too blind to see that we are being misled or are we really ungovernable?

Is this the Nigeria we all dreamed of? A country where common democracy cannot be practiced. Where the so called leaders can not obey the simple laws set by them. We produce oil but find it hard to explore it. A Country where we pay soo much and get less services,where everything we know and use is topping money by the day and yet our income rate is still the same. Where our children, Education, Roads,and Economy is neglected in the name of political interest and selfishness.

Have we given our best? Is joking with our problems without finding the solution good enough for us? Have we given all hope in Nigeria? Does it mean that we can’t fight or that we are too afraid to even try?

We voted for change,have we seen the soo called change, or is it yet to come? Can we stand and say that we don’t want it any more if its not going the way we planed? Our fathers handed over to us a nation that don’t just compete but also add value to the world economy. Can we at least do the same for our children?

Do we have the power? Can we fight even if its with everything we have got? Do you care that this nation, your nation have turned to be a mockery? Have we become too careless that we don’t know that we are loosing everything?

A little work put together makes a great work. If Nigeria will get better, you and i must do all we can to see it happen.



Nony Modili