An Open Letter To My Husband: Relax God Is In Control


open letter to my husband

Sept 18, 2014 – An Open Letter To My Husband: Relax God Is In Control

Please permit me to write this letter in form of gist. I’m using this to explain somethings to my ‘oga on top’.

As am typing, my husband is so disturbed, I feel if I pour out my heart here, it will help him feel better because he checks out this site like everyone else.

If anybody told me I will never marry my high school sweetheart, I’ll say that person is my enemy.

During my secondary school days, I was so in love with a brilliant ‘efiko’ by the name of Ayobami. The love was so strong that his dad almost paid my bride price then, but my dad moved against it.

After completing high school, I travelled out of Naija for my University education, this resulted in lost communication, one thing led to the other, my lover met another woman and moved on with his life.

I was heartbroken at first but my dad told me to focus on my education that I will reconnect with another man when I return home. I took his words in good faith and focused on the task at hand then.

Years later, I returned and God connected me with a quite, shy and very compassionate man whom I later married.

So few months ago, My high school lover, Ayobami and I met at a Shoprite store, I wasn’t holding my baby then so he might have thought I wasn’t married.

Like normal friends, we exchanged numbers and that was it. I never thought the step I took that day would later come back to haunt me.

My people, this guy kept calling me non-stop so I quickly changed my number to avoid getting in trouble with my hubby.

To my surprise, the guy has started attending the same church with us.

Two Sundays ago, after service the guy spotted me and rushed down to give me a bizarre hug infront of my hubby, though he (my hubby) wasn’t feeling comfortable but for the trust he has for me, he smiled gracefully and that ended it.

On our way home, he kept on asking me one question after the other. He was really troubled, I had to take over the car from him.

To cut the long story short, my husband has been asking me if I have any plan of leaving him for the guy, I told him no.

Last week he told me we have to relocate to Abuja and just last night, he said we should go to the US.

Please permit me to write this open letter to affirm my love for him, perhaps this will help him calm down.

My Dear Ishola,

Meeting you is by divine appointment because I never thought it could happen this way, you are the sweetest guy in my world and you will always be.

I remember that day when your mother whispered your oriki to my ear, she told me anytime I need something special from you, I should call you by that name.

Ishola mi, Sugar sugar, remember the vow I made to you on our wedding date, if you don’t check the back of our wedding album.

You are my world, your undying love means the world to me, I can never leave you, I promise never to dump you. Relax and take my word for it.

Esteemed fans, please help me tell my Oga something good o, I don’t know what else to tell him, he is so disturbed.