Abandoned By Mother, Brought Up By Dad: The Story Of My Life

abandoned by mother

Sept 18, 2014 – The Story Of My Life: Abandoned By Mother, Brought Up By Dad

Not feeling that well today so I reached out to my diary to see what day today is and to my surprise, my biological mother passed away exactly 5 years today.

It all started in a small town of Windsor in Ontario where my Nigerian father from Osun state met my sweet mother from Anambra state (Yes am a product of an inter-tribal marriage that ended over immigration struggle).

Few years after my birth, my dear mother abandoned me with my father and returned to Nigeria to seek a better life after her immigration case hit the rock.

Years after years, my father refused to remarry and stood his ground, he worked hard to raise me up but one thing I missed most is the tender loving care of a mother.

Later on my father relocated to Nigeria in search of love, he later met another woman who took care of me and later delivered several kids for him.

Though she (step mum) passed on several months back, I can’t but say she’s a sweet woman.

After completing my secondary education in Nigeria, I returned to the village where I was born to complete my University Education. I worked with top media firms in that village before deciding to stay solo. I later relocated to Nigeria to stay close to family and friends several years back.

Though she never took care of me, she still remains my biological mother.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

My prayers with those who never experienced the love of a mother, and to those who have lost their mother or father, may their souls rest in perfect peace (amen).

Feeling better now, thanks to my web family. Love you all.