Angela Okorie Mourns As RiRi The Dog Dies, Says Dogs Act Like Humans

angela okorie loses dog

June 9, 2016 – Angela Okorie Mourns As RiRi The Dog Dies, Says Dogs Act Like Humans

The Nollywood actress lost her female dog, RiRi yesterday.

Though she didn’t reveal the details of her dog’s death, the actress used her official IG page to call for respect for dogs.

Yes dogs act like human… Dog lovers can relate with her.

11 thoughts on “Angela Okorie Mourns As RiRi The Dog Dies, Says Dogs Act Like Humans

  1. Abeg make I hear something. Dog is die and you are cry. Make Calabar man cach that dog make you know how far. We never cry finish say human beans is die and you are cry bicos of dog. Salopian woman.

  2. I hate people that always find negativity in everything comeandmarry be careful about ur comment dis days

  3. Pls compare yourself and maybe your husband and son to dogs (who knows, maybe that’s what you really are. After all, someone once said all these Yeyebrities are DOGS!), don’t compare the rest of humans to dogs. I am not like a dog in any way and a dog is not like me. I was wonderfully and beautifully created in God’s image.
    The fact that some of you cuddle,kiss and have sex with your pets does not give you the presumption to compare animals to humans.
    The entertainment industry is mourning a human created in God’s image, you’re mourning a mere animal. Shows exactly what you are yourself!
    You will never adopt the good western lifestyle, only the bad.

  4. I love dogs too. They’re are the best pet animal ever. When our dog (gulf) died, I really cried as if it was human being that died. Its natural to feel emotional, especially in the case of an animal that behaves like human. E.g those special dogs protects your properties from strangers, they can never allow a stranger to touch your flowers, car(s) , etc. outside talk more of other things inside, welcomes you by trying to jump on your body and hold you and play a lot to show he/she is happy, when you call them, they come immediately, they fight who ever is fighting their owner, etc.

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