APC Cries Out: PDP Plans To Rig Osun Election, INEC Has Handed Over Electoral Register To PDP Member


August 3rd, 2014 – APC Cries Out: PDP Plans To Rig Osun Election, INEC IT Staff Has Handed Over Electoral Register To PDP Member

Just like they did in Ekiti state, APC officials have revealed a plot by a top official of INEC and PDP to rig the upcoming Aug 9 governorship election in Osun state in favour of their candidate, Senator Iyiola Omisore.

In a Press statement issued in Lagos on Saturday, spokesperson for APC, Lai Mohammed said under the plan, some INEC IT staff had allegedly handed over the entire electoral register for the state to a Special Assistant to a top PDP national official, with a view to manipulating it to disenfranchise many voters.

The statement reads:

‘’For those who may see this as outlandish, they should recall that an INEC official tampered with the voters register used during the last gubernatorial election in Anambra State to remove the names of many voters,’’

‘’The truth is that the PDP knows it cannot win a free and fair election in Osun State. Everything so far points to the fact that our party will win by a landslide if the election is free, fair, credible and transparent. In fact, a highly-credible opinion poll carried out by the globally-recognized TNS-RMS shows that the APC leads among voters in the state by 73%, compared to a paltry 19% for the PDP.

‘’Apparently stunned by the reality on the ground, as against the propaganda by the PDP, the party’s candidate, Iyiola Omisore, quickly conjured his own opinion poll, purportedly carried out by USAID, showing that he is leading the APC candidate and incumbent Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

‘’Fortunately, USAID has denied carrying out any opinion poll in Osun State, thus putting a lie to the PDP’s claim. There is no better indication of desperation than this,’’ the party said.

‘’As we have said repeatedly, we ask for nothing beyond a level playing field for all the candidates in the August 9 election in Osun State. Also, we want all registered voters to be able to exercise their franchise without hindrance, since popular participation is the bedrock of democracy.

‘’If the voting is done in the best tradition of free, fair and credible elections, whoever wins or loses will have no problem accepting the outcome,’’ APC said.

Magomago politics, we shall see.

8 thoughts on “APC Cries Out: PDP Plans To Rig Osun Election, INEC Has Handed Over Electoral Register To PDP Member

  1. Sorry APC is it your loss I personally advised a close ally to Tinubu that the party should go fetish like PDP is doing but dey ignored my adv.
    Sorry apc pdp has won Osun. aregbesola shoudl go and rest

  2. Am still wondering why my have eyes but they can’t still see. Problem is coming, revolution is coming. I am NT a politician but I have been following these polls for sometime now. Nothing to show that Nigerians are really ready for free sand and fair elections.President also want to force himself to power. Fellow Nigerians, pls watch very well and prepare for the worst. Mr President God has really been with you but now you are working against his will. To Yorubas I pity you ooooo. You are mortgaging ur future for rice and change. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. God pls we need ur divine intervention in Nigeria. I Will remain as Canadian.

  3. Moment APC have seen they are about to lose they go on air to talk trash,making matters worse for them and supporters losing confidence in them. No one wants a losing party or wasting his vote. We need another party to fight PDP but not APC,for APC started with bad Image.

  4. No normal person can vote for Bola Ige killer as Gov.Of Osun State only by Riging just like they do in Ekiti,PDP not a party,blood,money corupption Nr-1.

  5. Only one person comment did Nigerian hate politics or the state of Osun your good comment may help out of the problems. For the African largest party Mubarak, Gaddafi, Saddam and Zaibeden are no longer in power and its democracy succeeded them and think if ship overload what will happen you should know overfeeding can lead to problems.

  6. aregbesola and his apc have ploted their down fall long time ago.Religious diference has no place in the south as it is in the north.He has showned long time ago that he is a boko haram.This is the time of the people to show that there is nothing for aregbesola again.A lesson for other politicians:

  7. wht is dis issue of PDP want to rig election …. dt is y i Hate dis APC de complain too much… when things is workin against dem de wil b shoutin PDP. b4 election d so called Aregbe has not being payin workers how com he started payin wen he heard dt APC lost in Ekiti.Civi Service job in Osun State wht is d mode of selection if not Man know man. How dare de talk abt riggin when APC is corruption demselves

  8. APC crying like a baby.. Boko sponsors.. Y u complaining already? Thought u all formed apc 2 pull wings with pdp.. Lolx.. Aint seen nothing yet (not as if their hands aint dirty as well)

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