Apostle Suleman Using Daniella Okeke To Hire Prostitutes & Bring Them To Christ – Insider


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March 15, 2017 – Apostle Suleman Using Daniella Okeke To Hire Prostitutes & Bring Them To Christ, They’re Business Partners- Insider

Why Apostle Suleman May Never Deny Romance With Daniella Okeke – Insider

I promise to give you an update on why Apostle Suleman is yet to officially distance himself from Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke.

Well to get to the bottom of the story, NG sent an investigative journalist to the Auchi church of the controversial preacher few days ago but our source was told that he had travelled out of Nigeria to Washington for a 2-day crusade.

He is expected to return back to Nigeria in two weeks time as he is planning to take some time out to pray and seek the face of God.

However, our source was told by two sources he met at the entrance of the church that Daniella Okeke was a prostitute whom Suleiman brought to Christ and since then he has been using Daniella to convert more prostitutes to Christ.

While our source was discussing with some insiders at the entrance of the church, a man reportedly came to interrupt them and ordered him to leave the premises of the church as the cleric has advised his staff to stop granting interviews to journalists.

Our source was ordered out of the premises of the church and warned never to return.

Daniella Okeke is one of the top Nollywood stars enjoying free money from the controversial Pastor in the center of a damaging sex scandal.

Last week, Sahara Reporter found out how Daniella Okeke’s was lavished with N160million mansion in Mende area of Lagos.

It was also confirmed that the cars outside Daniella’s mansion were bought for her by Suleman.

This is coming days after Stephanie Otobo exposed Daniella as one of the prostitutes who engage in threesome act with the controversial Pastor.