Are You Self-Made Or God-Made?


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July 24, 2013 – Are You Self-Made Or God-Made?

Anytime I hear someone say I’m self-made, I begin to wonder where they put God, their creator in the equation.

According to my dictionary, being self made is to achieve success or recognition by one’s own efforts or to make it by oneself.

In my own view, a self-made person is a proud ignorant fool who has attributed his/her success in life to efforts.

I Samuel 2:9b: “for by strength shall no man prevail.”

Natural abilities or talents are not enough for a successful life. This is telling us that skill and intelligence do not necessarily give progress; the swiftest and the strongest do not necessarily give progress. The battle is not for the strong and by strength shall no man prevail. There are wise people who are hungry. There are intelligent people who go unprepared. In many contests, the best candidates do not necessarily win. Being smart or talented is not the guarantee that you will succeed in life.

Wherever you find yourself in the ladder of success in life, stop attributing your achievements to your own effort rather let God take all the glory for your success and he’ll continue to lift you up.

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[Article by Tade Olaoye, Inspirational writer]