Baby Factory Operator Arrested In Imo State About To Pay Owerri Police N500K To Regain Freedom


baby factory operator imo state

June 15, 2016 – Baby Factory Operator & Child Trafficking Ring Leader In Imo State Exposed

EXPOSED: Baby Factory Operator Arrested In Imo State About To Pay Owerri Police N500K To Regain Freedom


My name is Elizabeth Marcus, a human right activist and a concerned Nigerian.

My attention was drawn to the arrest of a child trafficking ring leader and a baby factory entrepreneur who was arrested for her dastardly act in okwurokwu village, Amannachi town in Orsu local Government area of Imo-state Nigeria in the person of Mrs Apollonia Chiyere Onwude, a retired Nurse and the Chair of the Catholic women association attending St Johns Catholic Church Ammannachi in Imo-state.

The accused woman was caught trying to sell a Kidnapped Mbaise child to her client and has since been held under custody, but we wish to draw the attention of regulatory and security agents as well as the mass media to the rumor going round the corner that the Imo-state Police command Owerri were she is presently held is about to grant her bail due to her connections with the sum of 500,000 naira and hereby escape the full wrath of the law.

Before her arrest she used her backyard as a baby factory and the babies sold out to politicians and agents even a certain Cecilia Nwabichie of the same town who gave her money to get a baby was duped and the case is still there in the town till date.

A mother and a woman who chair the women wing of a catholic church and as well as a teacher should live by example and Justice must be served as no one is above the law.

I will continue to monitor the case and fight for justice with your collaboration and support to ensure a better Nigeria free from human Trafficking and Molestation.

Waiting to see police action upon this petition thanks.

[Elizabeth Marcus writes from Imo State]