Father Who Buried Baby Daughter Alive Arrested; The Baby Survived With Neck Injury

father buried baby alive

Jan 22, 2013 – Baby Girl Buried Alive By Her Father In Asaba, Delta State Survived With Neck Injury – Father Arrested

Do you remember the story of a baby that was rescued by a vigilant community member we shared with you yesterday? if you missed it please read it here.

Initial report stated that it happened in Lagos but according to investigations carried out, it actually happened in Asaba, Delta state.

Nigerian Police officials have concluded their investigation and it revealed that the baby girl was actually buried alive by her own father.

This mishap happened in Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria on Saturday.

Mr Macaulay Onitcha is the father of the above baby.
The 25-year-old labourer who claimed he is unhappy with his wife after she allegedly refused to sleep with him committed this ungodly act.

The 4-month-old baby girl named Edna Macaulay was buried in a shallow grave dug by her own father on Saturday at Ekurudu Street Kokori.

Fortunately for little Edna, a good Samaritan who witnessed Edna’s father burying her rescued the girl.

Mr Saturday Ekama who reported the man to the police said he rescued the baby girl while her father was marching the shallow grave.

The good samaritan suffered Machete cuts from the baby’s father as he was trying to rescue the baby girl.

Below is a confirmation statement from Delta State police spokesman, Mr Muk:

“When the child was exhumed alive, she had neck injury. Currently, she is undergoing treatment at that Saint Francis Hospital, Okapra Inland while the suspect is currently assisting the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Asaba in their investigations,”

Oh God have mercy. Imagine a father burying his own blood baby.

40 thoughts on “Father Who Buried Baby Daughter Alive Arrested; The Baby Survived With Neck Injury

    • No man needs to be shot in the head for doing that to that poor baby no child should be done like that. When there is people who can’t have kids that would do anything to have one.

  1. Let the police release that man to the boys for jungle justice because he doesn’t deserve to be alive!

  2. That is not a 4 month old baby. Why was the story 2 days ago that it was a newborn now they’re saying it’s 4 months. That baby looks fresh out of the womb just based on the way it’s skin tone is and the umbilical cord was still attached when they took the baby out of the ground.

  3. R u sure dis is true story! Yesterday it was lagos and today is asaba which one we go believe. Any way the man shud b forgive he must have reason y he did it may some thin is after him or he is poses bcos no normal human bein will go and do such thin. Thank

  4. U see?, i said it yesterday wen dey wia busy accusing d mother, i said it, a mother wud rather terminate d pregnancy or put d baby wia pple can see it not burying her… Dat man must be a very wicket human being. May God 4gve him.

  5. I believe it poverty that is worrying this man. And its like he just form up the story that his wife refuse to sleep with him that is why he did that.

  6. get your facts straight on this issue people this is a new born baby this article says the child is four months old. what are we to beleive. What ever the case i hope the Nigerian legal system deals with this case accordingly.This baby has no voice someone please mediate on her behalf.

  7. thank god there was a good person willing to risk his life for this poor baby! all because he couldnt have fun in the sack? thats pure evil!!!

  8. they should stick a plunger up the fathers ass and torture him very badly,,i mean sick shit no one has ever seen nor ever done

  9. I don’t know where some people get their information, this baby is a newborn not 4 months old the umbilical cord is still attached. I hope the father pays for what he did.

  10. what is wrong with people? I’m so sick of this s*** STOP KILLING BABIES. if you are mad at your spouse deal that shit with your damn spouse if u need money get a damn job why kill the innocent you ignorant fucking fools

  11. I’m sorry everyone. but child abuse and murder really drive me nuts i mean i got no sympathy for people who hurt defenseless little babies

  12. My question is who in there right mind would just stand there to take a picture before digging the poor child up? Why not arrest them for being a complete idiot?

  13. God will show him no mercy for what he has done. I hope him an his wife rot in hell.

  14. Am just imaging if d baby bcom a future wife of d president of nigeria hw is he so call father going 2 tell people. Wow my daughter is d first lady of nigeria,make Dog chop him mouth

  15. I just read this story some 2years after…but just goes with what i say..to own a dog legally you have to have a license yet anyone can become parents.

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