Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Family Petition Police To Arrest Fiance Over Seized Property

bisi komolafe property

Jan 21, 2013 – Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Family Petition Police To Arrest Fiance For Refusing To Release Her Seized Property

As at the time of this report, there is an ongoing battle between late actress Bisi Komolafe‘s family and her fiance, Alhaji Tunde Ijaodola over her property.

We learnt after Bisi Komolafe‘s burial, her family ordered her fiance to return all her properties in his custody.

The trouble started when he only sent back her Honda Pilot car while holding on to her Ultima car and other multi-million naira property.

To make matters worse, he has refused to pick their calls.

His lack of response has forced Bisi Komolafe’s family members to petition the police to get him arrested for theft.

The talented actress passed away on January 1st, 2013 after a controversial abortion related issue that resulted in complication.

She was laid to rest on the 4th of January 2013 in Ibadan.

15 thoughts on “Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Family Petition Police To Arrest Fiance Over Seized Property

  1. Than useless so call Alh Tunde, after killing Bisi,saying she is not my wife, but hold on to her propertity, u are a biy 419 Theft.why not give her family all are money in her acct, cos u have the pin nr ,of late Bisi in ur hand,+ car and rest items, u are big theft,u dont love her only are money and name,since she is Nollywood super star.Nigeria women becarefull of this so call nigeria men from oversea,many dont have nothing,only visa free,means internation passport they have to come and cover up, calling theirself self made millioners.learn from death of our BISI RIP,kindly Nigeria police pick that theft Alh Tunde up and take all money and propertity of late bisi,to her family, if not dont let that man run out of this country to usa pls, in usa,he will get nothing than 50yrs or more.

  2. Well,if bisi husband nos,dat he does nt ve anyhand in bisi diet,he should give d family back wat belong to bisi!!!so dat ha soul can rest in peace,if trustly dis guy love bisi as he ahas says!dan he should nt b fighting over d girls propaties,she does nt ve any baby 4 u,noting is beteew u guys any more,so y d fight!!yes,pls let d sleeping dog lays oh

  3. pls let d soul of our baby rest in peace and stop fightig over property d familly do sometin better and stop focus on d poor girl property she work hard 4 it

  4. but why is the family so desperate of her property or were dey waiting for her death befor? And what makes you people think the guys money is not in that business. Please you people should go and look for job stop fighting over dead property

  5. Vanity upon vanity, al is vanity. My baby bisi komolafe who owns dis properties is died, y re u family n husband re fighting 4. Only GOD knws 2morow,but put ur trust in ur handwork n God.

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