Banky W To Produce First Movie, Open Film & Music School In Lagos

banky w produce first film

October 31, 2017 – Banky W To Shoot First Movie, Open A World Class Film Academy & Music School In Lagos

Nigerian musician Banky W who had earlier taken an 8 weeks intensive filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy has returned there for screenwriting classes.

In a short clip on his Instagram page, Banky opines that we have a whole generation of young filmmakers in Nigeria who are passionate and talented and are interested in creating their own business and telling their own stories.

Here is what he said in the short clip

“If you take that passion and you give them that little bit of training and that little bit of support, you’ll have a whole new generation who can change their country and they can change continent and they can elevate the arts that is coming out from this part of the world with their own stories.”

“I really really hope to be able to open a world class film & music school in Lagos. We need it. May God help me pull it off. Even if we start with NYFA in Lagos as summer school type thing 2018.. it would be so dope. Already started trying to reel in support for it from my corporate friends. With all the talented artists and storytellers we have, this is absolutely necessary”.

He added that he will be producing his own movie next year.

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