I Became A Robber Because My Mum Didn’t Give Me Transport Fare To Lagos – Boy Confesses To Police

man robbed benue state mother

April 28, 2017 – I Became A Robber Because My Mother Didn’t Give Me Transport Fare Back To Lagos From Benue  – Boy Confesses To Police

19-year-old Suleiman was nabbed while trying to sell 2 plasma TV sets he had stolen after burgling a shop in Makurdi area of Benue state.

The teenager was seen confessing like canary behind bars when police caught him and his accomplices.

Suleiman, a resident of Lagos visited his mother in Makurdi but was stripped off his wallet at a motor park in Makurdi however, he managed to find his way to his family house.

His confession:

“I got home and I told my mum what had happened to me, but she thought I was lying. When it was time for me to return to Lagos, I asked her for transport fare but she told me she had no money because she never believed me in the first place. Left with no other option, I decided to go and rob to get transport fare back to Lagos.”

“I stole two plasma television sets from a shop at High Level to raise money for my trip back to Lagos. I am not happy that I got caught, but I want the world to know that I went into robbery because I had nobody to help me.”

Suleiman and his partners in crime are still in police detention.

4 thoughts on “I Became A Robber Because My Mum Didn’t Give Me Transport Fare To Lagos – Boy Confesses To Police

  1. Because you had nobody to help you went in robbery, is that an excuse? What have you done to help yourself? Its only a child that lifts up his hand the mother will carry! Definitely you have bn doing that in Lagos, nemesis caught up with you in makurdi. Yeye child.

  2. You have always been a thief and that is why your mother never trusted you in giving you money for transportation. Go and face the consequence of your action, young boy.

  3. Na by force to go Lagos? How much is transport fare from Makurdi to Lagos that you could not do odd jobs to raise funds but had to stealTWO Plasma TV? Liar!
    And what did you bring for your mother when you visited her or was it the money you claim your “colleague thieves” relief you of ownership? Go spin your lies to the police liar pikin!!! Mchweeeew !

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