Coca Cola May Contain Cocaine (Coke): 816Lbs Of Cocaine Drug Found At Coca Cola Plant In France

cocaine found coca cola factory france

August 31, 2016 – Beware! Coca Cola Drinks May Cocaine (Coke): 816 Pounds Of Cocaine Found At Coca Cola Factory Plant In France

Are you aware that the unofficial word for cocaine is Coke??? Why do you think popular Coca Cola drink was named Coke??? Read on to find out more.

Historical report revealed that Atlanta Pharmacist John Pemberton created Coca Cola in 1886 and modelled it after the then popular French refreshment Coca Wine which was made by mixing coca leaf extract (high source of cocaine) with wine.

To avoid backslash, Mr Pemberton mixed the coca leaf extract with sugar syrup instead of wine.

He also added Kolanut extract as well as caffeine.

To cut the long story short, he came under fire in 1903 for using narcotic to produce the popular drink. It was then that the then manager of Coca Cola bottling company, Asa Griggs Candler removed nearly all the cocaine from the beverage.

The beverage became cocaine free in 1929 when scientists removed all narcotic from coca leaf extract.

While the company denies the presence of Coke (Cocaine) from all its products, it was infact revealed that the company still uses low dose of cocaine in some of its product today.

To back up the report, 816 pounds of Cocaine with street value of 55.6million Euro was found at a Coca Cola factory plant in Marseille, Southern France today.

Investigation is still ongoing to figure out who delivered the narcotic to the plant as Coca Cola officially denied knowledge of it.

11 thoughts on “Coca Cola May Contain Cocaine (Coke): 816Lbs Of Cocaine Drug Found At Coca Cola Plant In France

  1. HA! SO WE ARE being doped all these while without our knowledge. This is the very kind of thing that makes an athlet fail drug tests. Although I had often thought upon the word “Coke”, I never for ones imagined it being used even in trace amounts to produce the drink. Coca Cola might be in a hot soup very soon.

  2. Is no be bad things. Is good to use small cocane to do coke bicos cocane is help to wash belle and make am clean like small pikin own. Is why pipul are do kpueee when they have drink coke finish and air is comot from their mouth. Na that time wey the cocane de clean the belle. They are even use igbo to do cowbell choco. Igbo is good. Cocane is good. Mary Juliana is good. All of them are make us high and forget our problem.

  3. I remember somebody insisting that orange drink is better for children but didn’t ‘t ask why he was so insistent. Maybe he knew some secret we did not, and having now read this article I wish I had asked. NaijaGist please keep us posted when Part 2 unfolds.

  4. Apart from this finding, I stopped taking Coca Cola since seventeen seventy seven. My reasons will shock you.

    You may not want to drink Coke again after finding out.

    DO YOU KNOW what you are putting into your body when drinking your favourite carbonated sugary drink???

    PLS TRY this experiment: try boil a Coca Cola drink, when its boiled, the water in it will evaporate, leaving behind copious amount of sugar that turn into the substance that looks like TAR.

    Coca cola contain 65grams of sugar in one 590ml bottle and a whopping 108grams in a liter. By the way, Pepsi is even sweeter with 69grams of sugar in a 590ml bottle and 112grams in a liter!

    NOW, here‘s some food for thought: The American Heart Association writes about 180,000 deaths annually may be linked to the consuption of SUGARY soft drinks.

    So, next time when you want to drink soda, think of your Health and this experiment.

    I take a stroll…

  5. Whenever I read articles like dis I usually av d impression that a rival coy is tryg to put d other one out of business inorder for them to take over from them.
    I just hope dis information is not true, bcos lots of people are consuming dis product on a daily basis including children.
    May God help us o.

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