Beware!! Ritualists Now Using Handkerchief & Perfume To Capture Victims


August 9, 2016 – Beware!! Ritualists Now Using Handkerchief & Perfume Paper To Capture Victims In Nigeria… See Details

  • If Someone Give You A Paper Laced With Perfume To Smell Please Don’t Smell It, They Are Ritualists
  • If A Taxi Driver Or Keke Napep Rider Uses Handkerchief To Clean The Back Seat For You, Don’t Sit On It

This alert was dropped by popular commentator Dhunter.

According to him, a senior police officer sent this alert this morning.

Pls if u want 2 enter a Keke Napep or a Taxi and the rider or driver uses a piece of cloth or a handkerchief to clean the back of the seat for you, pls don’t sit on it.

Reason: they are now using people for rituals through that medium or they just want your voice to cease.

Please send this message to people you care about. Pls do it. Save lives. It is serious.

If anyone stops you and ask you if you are interested in some Perfume and give you a paper to smell as sample, pls don’t accept it.

It is a new scam. The paper has been laced with some powerful drugs so that when you inhale it, you will pass out so they can rob you or do worse things to you.

This alert was received from a senior police officer this morning.

Please take note and send this to everyone you want to protect. This is not a joke. Be good always.

We just have to be extremely cautious, careful and vigilant because these days are evil.