Beyonce Wannabe, Chika Ike Shows Funny Dance Moves

chika ike dancing to beyonce song

May 24, 2017 – Beyonce Wannabe, Chika Ike Shows Funny Dance Moves

Have you seen the drama Nollywood actress Chika Ike puts up while attempting to dance to Crazy in Love song by Beyonce ?

Watch the video below:

Anybody noticed her new hair and fully loaded wardrobe? #showoff thingz

4 thoughts on “Beyonce Wannabe, Chika Ike Shows Funny Dance Moves

  1. chika,we all kn u hustle and yr real estate biz is booming but forget the childish behavior of show casing yr shoes and wears.close the wardrobe and open doors for a welcoming rlationship who can dance with u for long and not dancing alone with a video clip.true..first rtshp failed,relax and try out don break

  2. Mcheeew! THIS ONE? BEYONCE WANNABE? Thats gonna take a whole of eternity for her to achieve that feat.
    Even at that, she can never be like Beyonce. Beyonce does not just dance well, but sings, thrill any crowd and in terms of outward beauty, she‘s an Angel compare to this fake notice-me mumubrity called chika ike.

    I take a stroll…

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