Big Brother Africa, BBA-Illuminati Naked Shower Hours, Satanic Tricks To Corrupt People’ Minds

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June 17, 2013 – Big Brother Africa, BBA-Illuminati Naked Shower Hours, Demonic Tricks To Corrupt People’ Minds

If you are a frequent watcher of this popular Big Brother Africa, BBA show, you have to be aware that it’s an end time move of the devil to corrupt the minds of innocent people worldwide.

As you can see we are in the end time and devil will do everything possible to get unvigilant people to his side.

The most annoying thing is that naked pictures of BBA housemates are going viral online.

Even the shower hour of a thing… Is it necessary?

The big brother Africa has become a porn show because all they show nowadays is naked pictures of girls in the shower.

People just need to beware.

If you are a Christian and rapture happened when u’re watching this show, what do you think will happen? not to talk of countless unbelievers watching this show every week.

Don’t let this surprise you, Big Brother Africa, the chase has been linked to Illuminati secret cult. I read somewhere online that the show is an Illuminati agenda to lure more innocent souls to hell….

No wonder this show is now displaying uncensored images of naked girls in the shower constantly.

Believers need to be aware of this.

The world is passing and its lust thereoff… They that doeth the will of God shall stand.

A world is enough for the wise.

37 thoughts on “Big Brother Africa, BBA-Illuminati Naked Shower Hours, Satanic Tricks To Corrupt People’ Minds

  1. ln The Light 0f Truth,BBA is meant for matured mind:18ys and above:So there is nothing Satanic or Demonic in what the organisers are showing: There is choice in everything:l wish the organisers,best of positive things: Nigerians should face reality: What is END TIME? When death comes is an individual End-Time: Nigrians are too passive in handing social issues,that is why the Country is like this: Corruption and Nepotism have become the 0rder of the day in Nigeria:TIME WILL TELL

    • tunji……….I believe u r a Christian buh ur Christianity is fake…..havnt u been seeing naed pictures and videos from dis bba of a thing……….go and read a bible…..nd don’t try 2 promote immoralities

  2. It is only the ulluminati members that are watching this BBA of a thing. Brother believe me those who fear God does not watch it, me inclusive. And another thing is you people should evast posting nude pictures online because by doing so you are indirectly promoting the work of satan. As you rightly said, people should be careful because the dragon has been defeated in Heaven and was cast down on earth, he is now angry and has vowed not to enter hell alone but with many people. Please let everyone be careful with this time.

  3. in as much i dont beleiev in the crap illuminati take is that national broadcasting corp should block all this useless channel that makes our kids wayward and yet our presdo just doled out 300m to movie industry out of the 3bilion he promised.invest in science and techn that will create job in the future

  4. God have mercy! To be sincere, i really dont learn any goodtin from d BBA stuff, wht does it potrate sef? Like our brother says, End time is at hand, D angel are already prepared, Christ is done to rapture d saint… Are you ready to be raptured, d world is polutted! Father save us!!! deliver us all from sin, we are sinners, infact sticky, dirty sinners, wash us with the blood of Jesus so dat we can be cleansed. Praise d lord!

  5. Please ,You are not forced to watch the channel ,you can burn your Cable tv ,if you don’t like it ,There other channel there.There. is nothing like end time,is a religion propaganda

  6. The wise sees d trut n say it, bt d blind dout it. Wat is rly d leason 4rm BBA. If d blind follow d blind who ll see. My brethren b wise like serperd n b armless like doaf

  7. some people talk of god as if they believe in him ,they talk of santan as if they are godly ,you can see from hypocrite how ignorance they are ,this is a free world where everybody have their choice .
    to those who did not like to watch the programe just change your tv channel to your choice probably ,your church program that orders people too might look at as full of lies and self interest preachers to make money from ignorant and despirate people that was looking for salvation and miracle .
    just see what is happen through out the federation despite the nos of mosque and churches if throughly Nigerians are godly.

  8. 4me, I dnt evn c anythn interestn in dat boring show. It makes me yawn as if I’d not eaten for like 7days.

  9. Father! Elp us in dix world….dnt let uz go astray. Deliver uz…..grant uz d spirit 2 follow u til d end… Amen.

  10. Let call a spade a spade…”z a free world” good….z a thing of chioce i agree….bud my question is what is the objectives of BBA?? Watching Bolt & Betty aving sex..watching nude pix..if u ask me i will say BBA is barbaric and setanic….no God fearing person in dat house…MAY GOD FORGIVE US ALL..i drop my ink..

  11. Where there is something rotten,there might be a lot of flies but if there is somthin good like sweets yu wil never see much flies hovering around. Its the same works of satan where there is a bad thin like the bba much pipo wil b entangled. Many pipo doesnt know the works of the illuminati/satanists and al they see is +the light blown pipo are doing us good and yet they dont know the sinister move and the end results

  12. He or she who watch the has no moral justification to criticise the show because you are equally part of them. Woe unto he or she who watch the BBA. God would curse the day i watch it, of what moral lesson are they portraying other than corrupting the minds of innocent souls. I keep saying this Islam is the way submit to his will and you would save once and for all.

  13. salvation is personal…you are only put right with God through your faith. it is said that, the fear of God is the begining of wisdom. so my dear brothers and sisters, if you fear God u would all always do the things that are plesing to many hours do you read you bible, or rather how many times do u study ur pray and fellowship with God?…meanwile, you have all the time and pleasure of watching BBA.need i ask, what is the vital information or interest of watching it….so u see, this are the ways the devil use in blinding the hearts of God’s children.this are the signs of end time.beware

  14. • People say that you are alive, but really you are dead……………..behold of (BBA)
    • You were not afraid to speak my name…..ppl of God advice the nation according to the word(bible)
    • There is a group that belongs to Satan……… out the comment dears, they must not press u down. Stay hold in Christ the Lord
    • So I will keep you from the time of trouble that will come to the world—a time that will test everyone living on earth…………….it is the time that the bible is talking about
    • I know that you don’t accept evil people. You have tested those who say they are apostles but are not…………believe on what u believe in
    • You live where Satan has his throne……may the nation wakeup and see what is happening(BBA)
    • BBA is destroying our Nation

  15. Bba is devilish,meaningless 2 me. Sum1 talkd abt ppl burnin their cables,Lik a football fan lik me,I shd burn my cable? Ok,wad abt d movies they shw? I dnt think I ve watch dt effing prog called BBA. Dere’s no real sense in dt prog.

  16. that BBA i cant c any meningful thing that they do there.apart frm what they show to us.they can instigate d guys to start up an affair just to promote immorality

  17. we hav many ignorance of the world on this earth……..many believe dat this earth wont com 2 an end…..dats y we hav many youth misbehaving…..BBA should be band dats all…….

  18. The height of immorality in big brother is just too much, i dont support it in any way. I’m just wondering how you linked it with illuminati.

  19. The Bible talks of scoffers in the end of time. And here they are. Only time will tell. Soon and very soon Jesus Christ will appear.

  20. God will bless the writer. I felt something in me, telling me that this show is no good at all and I just ignored da feeling, I’ve been asking myself if a christian should watch this show or not, so I decided to google and find out…a big THANKS to the editor. The problm with us people is we are like Thomas, we wanna see b4 we believe and the bible says blessed are those who believe without seeing first. Amen

  21. It doesn’t matter if Bba is illuminati or not.. Wat matters mst is d fact that it encourages nothing other than immorality…i wn’t lie am a fan of bba buh d rate of immorality is jst 2much.. Angelo fingering berverly,bolt having sex with betty,pokello havin sex with elikem… This is terrible, may God save our soul including mine.. Amen

  22. Remember that our body are meant to be covered. read your Bible.(if you are a Christian)and if you are a Muslim read your Qur’an. for the fact that they are big brother Africa does not mean they will not die one day and their souls be judged, LET THEM STOP EXPOSING THEIR NAKEDNESS. because we all have ours and theirs are of no use to us!

  23. If your eyes will cause you to sin pluck it off..God is real! heaven is real! hell is real! Some of you have chosen to walk into hell wit ur eyes wide open enjoy the pleasurable walk! Like some of you stubbornly said Life is a choice! So be proud of this choice! No hard feelings! BBA is SATANIC!!!

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