Big Brother Africa, BBA-Illuminati Naked Shower Hours, Satanic Tricks To Corrupt People’ Minds


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June 17, 2013 – Big Brother Africa, BBA-Illuminati Naked Shower Hours, Demonic Tricks To Corrupt People’ Minds

If you are a frequent watcher of this popular Big Brother Africa, BBA show, you have to be aware that it’s an end time move of the devil to corrupt the minds of innocent people worldwide.

As you can see we are in the end time and devil will do everything possible to get unvigilant people to his side.

The most annoying thing is that naked pictures of BBA housemates are going viral online.

Even the shower hour of a thing… Is it necessary?

The big brother Africa has become a porn show because all they show nowadays is naked pictures of girls in the shower.

People just need to beware.

If you are a Christian and rapture happened when u’re watching this show, what do you think will happen? not to talk of countless unbelievers watching this show every week.

Don’t let this surprise you, Big Brother Africa, the chase has been linked to Illuminati secret cult. I read somewhere online that the show is an Illuminati agenda to lure more innocent souls to hell….

No wonder this show is now displaying uncensored images of naked girls in the shower constantly.

Believers need to be aware of this.

The world is passing and its lust thereoff… They that doeth the will of God shall stand.

A world is enough for the wise.