Photos: Big Vulture, Igun Bird Killed In Ogbomoso Oyo State Causes Commotion

big vulture bird killed ogbomoso

January 30, 2018 – Photos: Big Vulture Bird Killed In Ogbomoso Oyo State Causes Commotion

Nigerians were left in shock yesterday when photos of a gigantic bird killed in Oyo state hit the net.

While most people on the social media believed the giant bird is human, others were of the opinion that it’s a witch returning from the witches coven.

Some Nigerian youths especially those on the social media are very funny as they love to twist ordinary issues like this into something spiritual.

To refresh their memory, the gigantic bird causing confusion online and offline is a vulture.

See below for the photo of a live vulture.

vulture height

Back to Ogbomoso story.

The bird was killed by some young hunters in a village in Ogbomoso last week Thursday.

Make I make una laugh small.

The photo was first uploaded by a young man @gulfer on NL who described the bird with this caption:

See more photos of the “mysterious terror bird” LOL below.

igun bird killed ogbomoso

Chai!!! Chai!!! Naija youths, Diaris God oo

11 thoughts on “Photos: Big Vulture, Igun Bird Killed In Ogbomoso Oyo State Causes Commotion

  1. I too saw the photo on Facebook. I categorically stated that it was a witch that turned into a bird. Pardon my ignorance.

  2. looking the above picture I’ll say Nigeria has 0% infrastructure going by what I saw when I travelled to Europe. except for Biafra state like Enugu.

  3. Mecheeew…! Many people are dying in both remote rural and urban areas unnoticed, a common Vulture was killed and it became a sensational news. Crap!

    My game is not vulture but Lions, Tigers, Antelopes, Elephants, Kangaroos, Pumas, Leopards, Cheeters, Gorrilas, Chimpanzees, Pythons,
    Boa Contrictors, Anacondas and so on.

    And if it has to be birds then expect something like Eagles, Ostriches, Peacocks etc.
    I don‘t waste my bullets on anything less than Guinea fowls.

    Worthy of note is the fact that I am hoping to add FULANI HERDSMEN to my game soon IF,,,,? Ok, let me just reserve my comment for now.

    Make I waka from here now jare…!

  4. Poor modern township Naija children; they never sighted vulture in real life and there are no zoos around. Little wonder they think vulture is pre-historic creature.
    But, come to think of it, l cannot recall seeing any vulture in Lagos in spite of all the animals slaughtered in that city and notwithstanding that vultures normally go scavenging in environments where animals are slaughtered. Any explanation folks?

    • They are mostly common in North and South America. Old vultures are present in African desserts not in the city.

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