Bigvai Jokotoye: Why I Dropped Out Of University

bigvai jokotoye university drop out

Nobody Cares About Providing Student Loans In Nigeria – Actor Reveals Why He Dropped Out Of University

US-based actor  Bigvai Jokotoye, has debunked reports that he was married in Nigeria before relocating to the US to marry his wife.

In a chat with Saturday Beat, the actor who married years ago noted that he was amused when he heard the fake news about him, adding that he refused to talk about it to avoid giving room to more speculations.

“I knew there were speculations. My wife and I were just laughing when we saw it but I was never married before my present marriage.

“I hardly speak to journalists or bloggers. Whatever they see on my page is fine by me. If people keep saying I was married before now, that’s their business, I was never married. I didn’t come out to clear the air, because if I did, it could spring up more speculations. I just want to face my family and my career.

“My wife was scared when she met me initially but we sat together and I told her about what it takes to be an actor. To the glory of God, she was ready to go on this journey with me,” he revealed.

Jokotoye also revealed the reason why he didn’t complete his education; noting that it was due to the poor system of education in Nigeria. He added that he couldn’t cope due to some financial challenges he was faced with while in school.

“I went to school but didn’t have a good education because of the quality available in Nigeria.

“I dropped out of the university because I didn’t get enough money to further my education.

“In a sane country, the government is supposed to provide loans for students in need but nobody cares in Nigeria.

“Even my primary school education was poor because we used to sit under the tree to learn in Kwara State. When I dropped out of school, I used to read on my own, and I made Google my friend,” he said.

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4 thoughts on “Bigvai Jokotoye: Why I Dropped Out Of University

  1. I like your honesty bro. I respect you more now
    Some of your mates will have been claiming phd by now. thanks for keeping it real

  2. Before you enter school, you should at least have something doing. like me, i have started a little business and have worked for 3 years saving the profit before picking form. You don’t have to depend on loan or any one to make it in life.

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