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Black Axe Cultists Burn Down Buccaneer Cult Leader’s Father’s House In Ikorodu, Chase Firemen Away

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Black Axe Cultists Burn Down Buccaneer Cult Leader’s Father’s House In Ikorodu, Chase Firemen Away

black axe vs buccaneer

Sept 27, 2015 – Black Axe Cultists Burn Down Buccaneer Cult Leader’s Father’s House In Ogijo Ikorodu Lagos, Chase Firemen Away

Some suspected Black Axe cult members today burn a building and two vehicles at Ogijo, Ikorodu, a Lagos suburb.

The cultists were said to attacked the properties belonging to the father of a leader in a rival cult group, Buccaneer  located beside Omoleye hospital in Ogijo.

It was learnt that the groups have had several clashes in the neighbourhood, destroying properties and valuables.

We gathered that the attacks have forced residents to flee their homes for fear of being hurt by the cultists.
It was learnt that before the hoodlums set the house ablaze, they damaged two vehicles parked in the compound.

They were said to have poured petrol on the building and lit it, keeping watch to ensure it was completely razed.

But an eyewitness was said to have informed firemen at Ikorodu, who got to the scene on time to quench the fire.

However, they were obstructed by the cultists, who threatened to burn the firemen and their truck if they do not vacate the premises.

Confirming the development, the state fire service director, Rasaq Fadipe said the arson was reported at about 10:26am.

“Someone ran to the station to report the outbreak and firemen moved to the site to contain it.
“But some boys came around and halted firemen from quenching the fire. They threatened to burn the men and the truck if they don’t leave the site.
“I do not know why they set the building ablaze but I learnt it belonged to the father of a rival cult member.”

[National Mirror]

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  1. iyke

    September 27, 2015 at 8:29 PM

    so sorry 4 9ja, where are our security men, there only good in arresting innocent pple. where is the change? we know it may take some time, but security is what we dont need obama to do 4 us. is a pity.

  2. O'Nels

    September 27, 2015 at 10:05 PM

    Same report every day! Ogijo has become their head quater. What are the police doing about this? These guys are making life miserable for people living in Ikorodu and its environs! Destroying life and property.

  3. Jilo

    September 27, 2015 at 11:28 PM

    My hopes get ruin whenever I read about insecurity in Nigeria. In amidst of this, some people are going by their normal lives as if this unlawful act or crime is none of their business. Some of us think that in as much we can do our business and make money that is everything. We are all myopic, shortsighted and lack imagination that crime like this may blow out of proportion and spread just like cancer. Kidnapping has become part of our live that we must all have to deal with because our government are so dumb to take the bull by horns. In Nigeria of today, no matter how rich or notable you are, you are not immune from these detestable crimes. We are living as if everyday is our last day on earth. Law abiding citizens cannot sleep with their eyes closed and innocent people are dying prematurely because we failed to address the most pressing issues in our Country. Most of us are travelling abroad and love their system there. It is because the people and the government are working hand in hand to have a better home for themselves. Fellow Nigerians why cant we do this fight among ourselves by marching to the street and make our feeling of resentment known to the government. We don’t have to fold hands and pretend everything is all right. Our security is highly important even though some foolish people have squandered our resources at least we should be saved and secure in our individual house.

  4. Mae

    September 29, 2015 at 6:05 AM

    These guys,instead of them 2 join army,so that they’ll go & show their talents against boko haram. They are there,killing theirselves…

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