Black Axe & Eiye Cult Groups In Bloody Reprisal War In Ikorodu Lagos, 2 Killed, 3 Injured

black axe eiye cult clash ikorodu lagos

Oct 5, 2016 – Black Axe & Eiye Cult Groups In Bloody Reprisal Attack, 2 Killed, 3 Injured In Ikorodu Lagos

At least 2 people were confirmed dead and 3 others injured in a cult clash in Ikorodu over the weekend.

The casualties in the fracas that started on Sunday night were Omotayo, who just graduated from the Lagos State University (LASU) and Temitayo Kehinde.

Omotayo, suspected to be a member of the Black Axe confraternity was killed on Monday at Anibaba Street, the other victim was shot yesterday morning.

The injured include a four-year-old boy, a septuagenarian and Taye Ominike. They are in general hospital.

According to a source, the fight between the Black Axe and Eiye cult groups grounded activities at Owolowo, Omini and Anibaba Streets. The gunmen were said to have shot sporadically each time they came for their rivals.

The source said:

“Since Sunday, businesses have remained shot down in the areas. The gunmen are cultists and they have been fighting. The Eiye members started the fight on Sunday and we heard they shot some Aiye members. On Monday, they killed Omotayo and injured one old woman and a four-year-old boy.

“In revenge, the Aiye members around 3pm on Monday started shooting and killed Kehinde. They shot Taye Ominike but he didn’t die. People have been afraid to come out since then. They also fought yesterday too. The issue is serious.”

A local vigilante member, who confirmed that there has been tension in the area since Sunday, stated that Onyabo members had to go after the cultists.

He said:

“When we saw what was happening, our members came out and went after the cultists. Six of them were arrested in their hideouts and handed over to policemen at Igbogbo Division. At the moment, we are looking for three of their leaders, 70, Agali and Debby because we learnt they were responsible for the fracas.”

[The Nation]

4 thoughts on “Black Axe & Eiye Cult Groups In Bloody Reprisal War In Ikorodu Lagos, 2 Killed, 3 Injured

  1. They can do more by killing themselves. One thing am very sure of, the society will have peace if mind. Job bless fools!

  2. Who are those people empowering them. Are they not human being?Spirit of cults and spirit of boko haram were the same,its just a little different to each other

  3. What is wrong with our youths in Nigeria nowadays? your contemporaries around the globe are struggling to excel in innovations and prove themselves on how to move the world in the field of technology but you are here in Nigeria engaging in rivalry gang competition, killing one another just to show supremacy on who is more efficient in using deadly weapons. Most of you are millennias who suppose to be fighting for how to move this Country forward.

    It could have been better If you have channelled your wasted energy towards positive campaigning against those who have mortgage your life, I mean the looters, the bureaucrats or engage yourselves in something rewarding may be this Country could have found its way out of current recession. Are you not worried that this Country is not where is suppose to be. What is going on in this Country presently should give you a major concern not thuggery.

    I’m really disappointed in most of your actions because you have not endeavor to build your future and you are assume the leaders of tomorrow. You should be in position to correct what your predecessors have done by damaging this country. Is this how you going to run this Country when it’s time to assume the position of leadership?.

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